Sinbosen power amplifier naming rules? Is FP30000Q a new model?
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Sinbosen power amplifier naming rules? Is FP30000Q a new model?

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Update time : 2022-03-14 17:53:10
I wonder if the customers who pay attention to Sinbosen have found the naming rule of Sinbosen product model? Such as FP series borne power amplifier has two channels FP7000, FP9000, FP14000, FP24000. Four channels FP6000Q, FP8000Q FP10000Q, FP20000Q, FP22000Q (FP30000Q). You'll notice that the two-channel amplifier is named without Q, and the four-channel amplifier is named with Q. In addition, the numerical increment in their model names is also named according to their power size.
Below are the power details of the FP series:
4 Output Channels Power amplifier
  FP6000Q FP8000Q FP10000Q FP20000Q FP22000Q
8Ω Stereo Power 625W X4 1000W X4 1350W X4 2200W X4 2500W X4
4Ω Stereo Power 1300W X4 1600W X4 2100W X4 4000W X4 4650W X4
8Ω Bridged Power 2500W X2 3200W X2 4200W X2 8000WX2 9300WX2
4Ω Bridged Power 3000W X2 3800W X2 5000WX2 9000WX2 15000W X2
2 Output Channels Power amplifier
  FP7000 FP9000 FP14000 FP24000 If you are interested in more products details ,
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8Ω Stereo Power 1500W X2 1800W X2 2400W X2 4200W X2
4Ω Stereo Power 2800W X2 3000W X2 4400W X2 7500W X2
8Ω Bridged Power 5600W 6000W 8800W /
4Ω Bridged Power 7000W 9000W 14000W /

Note here, however, that one model stands out: the FP30000Q. According to the above naming, FP30000Q should be more powerful than FP22000Q, but in fact FP30000Q is FP22000Q, power parameters are completely consistent. The name is just a title. Sinbosen will confirm the power parameters of the power amplifier required by the customer when confirming the order with the customer.

Sinbosen's digital power amplifier series is also named regularly, named D2 prefix is the D series 2-channel digital power amplifier, named D4 prefix is the D series 4-channel digital power amplifier. Power and its corresponding model name is also closely related!
Model D2-3500 D2-3000 D4-2000 D4-2500
Rated Output Power 8Ω/Stereo 3200W X2 3000W X2 2000W X4 2200W X4
4Ω/Stereo 5365W X2 5100W X2 3400W X4 3750W X4
2Ω/Stereo* 7435W X2 7140W X2 4760W X4 4400W X4

The same is true for K series. A single K prefix is the name of the two-channel K series digital power amplifier, as is K2, and K4 is the name of the 4-channel power amplifier. As can be seen from the parameter table below, the K series is named with the corresponding 8Ω/Stereo power. In this way, it is not difficult to find the desired power size of the amplifier!
Model K2-450 K-800 K-1000 K-1200 K4-450 K4-1400 K4-1700
Rated Output Power 8Ω/Stereo 450W X2 800W X2 1000W X2 1200W X2 450W X4 1400W X4 1700W X4
4Ω/Stereo 700W X2 1200W X2 1500W X2 1850W X2 700W X4 2200W X4 2800W X4
8Ω/Bridge / 2400W 3000W 3600W / 4500W X2 5000W X2
4Ω/Bridge / 3200W 4000W 5000W / 5500W X2 6100W X2

Do you remember their rules? For us ,each product, including amplifier, microphone, speakers and so on.... We produce it, deal with it every day, take care of it, and then send it to the customer. We chant its name every day, their names have been engraved in our minds!
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