Sinbosen amplifier manufacturer development history
Our Story
Our Story
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Update time : 2020-10-13 10:21:15
Our Story
Special and unforgettable year
Due to COVID-19, it has been a difficult year for many people, and Sinbosen is the same, but we have persisted, and we are very grateful to every customer for their support. In 2020, hope is on the way.
1U 2 Ohms Stable Digital Amplifier Research And Development
During this time, we launched D2-3000 and D4-20001U 2 Ohms stable Digital Amplifier. It has been welcomed by many customers.
Product panel design and development
We have always accepted customized products from customers. Sinbosen also designs a variety of panels for customers to choose from.
Product development and upgrade
This is a year of product upgrade research and development. We upgraded the capacitor and cooling system of the power amplifier. We will still focus on our product feature and quality, and our team will grow up more professional.
Let us work together for a better future!
Develop FP22000Q power amplifier
Starting in 2017, some clients said FP20000Q already not meet their needs. They asked for more big power
amplifier to run their more big subwoofer. Therefore, we made bigger power amplifier FP22000Q. 
It has four channel and 4,600 watts per channel at 4 ohms.
Establish our own new brand
Our company name is Guangzhou Xinbaosheng Audio Equipment Co., Ltd, but many customers don’t know
how to pronounce it. So we build our new Brand Sinbosen in 2018.
Sinbosen Audio--Sound Creator Rocking the World!
Develop DSP power amplifier
In fact, we have been studying DSP power amplifiers a long time ago. Until 2017, we developed our own DSP power amplifier.
We developed DSP series amplifier DSP10000Q, DSP20000Q. It has DSP function and can be remote control
by computer. After the launch of this series of amplifiers, they have been praised by many customers!
Expand our market development team

Expand our professional team. We began to pay more attention to corporate culture, team building, and improving customer service.
Develop FP20000Q power amplifier
We have many clients asked for a big power amplifier can work for four dual 18-inch subwoofers, so we
developed more powerful amplifier FP20000Q. It has four channel and 4,000 watts per channel at 4 ohms. It
works perfectly with four dual 18-inch subwoofers. We are the first factory to design the biggest power amplifier
in China. So far, the model FP20000Q is the top-selling one.
Start our own network platform
Our factory address was changed several times, but in the end, we decided to place the factory in Guangzhou
Baiyun District. And start our own network platform and extend our factory and office to 3000m2.
Establish our own brand
Establishment of our mature INDUSTRY and registered our own Brand AOYUE.We are very excited to have our
own brand, this moment is unforgettable! We continue to move forward with the concept of “reasonable price,
excellent products”.
The initial stage of entrepreneurship
Because we don't know much about the market outside China, so we sold our product to oversea market via trade companies. At the beginning of the venture, we encountered a lot of difficulties. Such as cash flow issues, staffing issues, etc. But we work together and work hard to solve the problems one by one. Through a year of experience, we have established our own brand.

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