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New housing for K4-1700 and K4-1400 digital power amplifiers!
May . 04 . 2023
K4-1400, K4-1700 are small and portable with high power, very suitable for stage performances. Choice of new/used panels at time of purchase!
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Sound Test of Y8+Ysub high performance Professional audio system!
Apr . 12 . 2023
Sinbosen conducted sound testing on the popular audio system, and we can feel its powerful sound effect from the video. On site, we were even more intoxicated by its sound!
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K4-450 digital amplifier and 5X coaxial speaker music sound system!
Mar . 28 . 2023
K4-450 1u digital power amplifier and 5X mini 5inch coaxial small speakers are convenient and efficient, and the small body has great explosive power. Widely suitable for conference room/church/small party/home theater!
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What is the difference between professional power amplifier K4-1700 and FP10000Q?
Feb . 20 . 2023
K4-1700 and FP10000Q are similar in power, many customers will struggle with their differences when choosing. They mainly differ in amplifier type, sound performance and price.
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The power amplifier works for 30 minutes and then the red light turns on? Why?
Feb . 13 . 2023
Power amplifiers also need to be well maintained and maintained, and they are particular about placement, cleaning, and use. Recently, a customer inquired about his 4-year-old power amplifier, and found that the light turned on after 30 minutes of operati
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