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Lantern Festival, Sinbosen audio's dinner party!
Mar . 01 . 2021
January 15th of the lunar calendar is the Lantern Festival in China, and this day is a day of reunion. So Sinbosen's friends went out to dinner together.
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Great News!Sinbosenaudio are came back working do service for you
Feb . 24 . 2021
How is your business going?Are the clients waiting your audio equipment?
Now we are coming back do service for you,we are ready do the power amplifier/Microphone/Processor/Professional speaker.
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Customers in Bolivia feedback SR2050 in ear monitor and FP14000 power amplifier.
Feb . 23 . 2021
Two customers from Bolivia gave feedback on Sinbosen's SR2050 in ear monitor and FP14000 power amplifier. They are very supportive and satisfied with Sinbosen's amplifiers and microphones.
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How to play the better sound effect of wireless microphone?
Feb . 23 . 2021
In performances and large-scale programs, sometimes because of the wrong posture or improper use habits of the user when holding the wireless microphone, even a precious microphone cannot exert its original superior characteristics, even without the origi
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Sinbosen K series low power digital amplifier feedback
Feb . 23 . 2021
K series power amplifier K-1200, K-1000, K-800, K4-450, K4-600, K2-450, K2-600, K4-1400 digital power amplifier feedback
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