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Sinbosen FP22000Q Professional Power Amplifier
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A Wireless microphone system to create the perfect stage!
Jan . 09 . 2020
Wireless microphone SKM9000, in ear monitor EW100G3 in Puerto Rico.
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Chinese New Year is coming! Sinbsen Audio Holiday Notice.
Jan . 07 . 2020
Chinese traditional festival-the Spring Festival is approaching, please note our holiday time: 2020.01.17-02.04.
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How to learn to operate Sinbosen DSP Power Amplifier in 5 minutes?
Jan . 04 . 2020
How does a DSP power amplifier operate? How to use computer control? This video will let you learn in five minutes!
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Charm Hunan Province-Sinbosen Audio's "Journey Forward" in 2019.
Dec . 25 . 2019
Is there a trip that impressed you the most? For Sinbosen, the four-day tour at the end of 2019 is a memorable trip. 2019 is about to pass, and 2020 is coming. In this year, Sinbosen is breaking through step by step, both in work, life and on this trip.
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How are stage monitor speakers combined and returned?
Dec . 18 . 2019
During the concert, you will find that there are usually two or four monitor speakers in front of the stage. Why are they here? How does their work? Today we will briefly understand how these monitor speakers are combined and returned.
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