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What is a coaxial speaker?
May . 25 . 2020
What is a coaxial speaker? What are the characteristics of coaxial speakers? What are the advantages of coaxial speakers? Compared with line array speakers, which one should I buy?
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Sinbosen ’s wireless microphone feedback came from a well-known Korean rock band.
May . 20 . 2020
Sinbosen's wireless microphones AXT220D, SKM9000, EW100G3 feedback from Korean customers. A well-known Korean rock band used in a concert.
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How to clean the microphone?
May . 18 . 2020
Many musicians often use a microphone, and the microphone is used to collect human voices at close range, so cleaning the microphone is an important task.
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What is an audio interface?
May . 14 . 2020
The audio interface is through the connection between the device and the interface, so as to perform sound wave processing.
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What is the effect of using the 4650W high power DSP amplifier DSP22000Q?
May . 12 . 2020
What is the effect of using the Sinbosen 4650W high power DSP amplifier DSP22000Q? Customers from Switzerland can give you some answers.
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