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The correct sequence of turning on and off audio equipment
Jan . 20 . 2021
The correct switching sequence of audio equipment can help extend the life of the equipment. In most cases, it can be turned on first according to the transmission direction of the signal: Turn on the signal source, decoder, equalizer, effector, combined
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Sinbosen DSP10000Q power amplifier | New Year's stage for Italian customers
Jan . 18 . 2021
The DSP10000Q power amplifier was used on the New Year's stage of Italian customers. Super cool New Year celebration party.
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Sinbosen team 4 days tourism in Lijiang
Jan . 13 . 2021
The difficult 2020 is went out,2021 is coming.
In difficult the 2020, to hit the market,Sinbosen did some new production,such as 2 ohms stable digital amplifier,upgraded the powerful amplifier power supply board,and some new model microphone.
We believe
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What equipment does a set of professional stage audio equipment contain?
Jan . 13 . 2021
Under normal circumstances, professional stage audio equipment is composed of microphone + mixer + amplifier + speaker. However, for some more demanding professional stages, this seems a bit insufficient. Do you know what additional audio equipment is nee
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What is the use effect of AXT220D digital wireless microphone?
Jan . 08 . 2021
What is the use effect of AXT220D digital wireless microphone? Sinbosen's customers who have used the AXT220D digital wireless microphone can give you the answer. Let's take a look.
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