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What clients came to visit our factory in October?
Nov . 01 . 2019
Although we did not appear at the Canton Fair, we also welcomes clients from the Russia, Chile, Mauritius and Republic of the Congo!
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Dbx260 | Powerful and efficient digital audio signal processor.
Nov . 12 . 2019
Good feedback from the US and El Salvador customers on the dbx260 digital audio processor. The dbx260 digital audio processor controls a complete PA system for live performance and can handle all the details of the device. Its mission is to help the mixin
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The customer said: 1u digital power amplifier K-1200 is worth buying again!
Nov . 07 . 2019
Is the 1U digital amplifier worth buying again? of course! Let Sinbosen's customers come to you with the answer!
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How to connect the active speaker line array?
Oct . 28 . 2019
There are many types of audio system connections, and different systems and devices have different connection methods. Generally, the sound system is flexibly matched according to the use characteristics and customer requirements, but the effects of diffe
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5 reasons to use this wireless microphone SKM9000 at the events
Oct . 23 . 2019
SKM9000 advantage: Cost-effective, Well-assembled capsule, The touch noise is low, Avoid signal interference, There have been many cases that prove that SKM9000 is very successful!
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