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Sinbosen FP22000Q Professional Power Amplifier
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Sinbosenaudio FP22000Q K4-1400 power amplifier customer feedback.
Apr . 19 . 2021
Customers from the United States say that the small body of K4-1400 has a lot of energy. Customers in Canada said I had both(FP22000Q) and very very please with it they are fantastic really.
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How is it amazing?Sinbosenaudio made the home party be easy
Apr . 15 . 2021
In those 2 years,we heard many clients feedback and said:
“It is bad,no event”“We are still blockaded”I’m so board isolated at home”
How is your condition?
If you want your life become more Funny and interesting,and enjoy the party in home time,follow
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Sinbosenaudio FP power amplifier and digital amplifier are shipped!
Apr . 13 . 2021
Sinbosenaudio power amplifier is shipped! Sinbosen FP series FP10000Q FP20000Q FP22000Q FP14000 power amplifier. Sinbosen Digital series D4-2000 D2-3000 D2-3500 digital amplifier.
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Precautions for the use of power sequence controller
Apr . 12 . 2021
Precautions for the use of Power sequence controller and the wide and convenient application of Power sequence controller.
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4 Dual 18 inch Subwoofer S-218+ Testing with FP20000Q FP22000Q Sinbosenaudio Power Amplifier
Apr . 07 . 2021
Sinbosen test 4 Dual 18inch subs S-218 with FP20000Q FP22000Q Power Amplifier, they are great! It’s just that our showroom is a bit small and can’t fully display their charm.
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