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Upgraded version FP20000Q/FP22000Q-Better cooling system!!
Apr . 30 . 2019
We replaced the 3300uf capacitor with the 3600uf capacitor and added 8 small fans to the rear panel! Better cooling system and more stable!
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Crazy FP22000Q! Sound Test Video!!
May . 20 . 2019
FP22000Q feedback videos from our clients! This is an outstanding amplifier!
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4 sets of FP10000Q work perfectly for 15 hours
Mar . 19 . 2019
Model: FP10000Q
Channel: 4 channel power amplifier
Output Power:
8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 1,350W X 4CH
4Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 2,100W X 4CH
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Why these Sound engineer love Sinbosen FP10000Q FP14000 amplifier?
Jul . 09 . 2019
Do you know What kind of speaker can the FP10000Q and FP14000 match? Is the FP10000Q and FP14000 amplifier a good choice? Sinbosen has collected many feedback from customers who have used our FP10000Q and FP14000 recently, and we have received good respon
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Why is the line array so popular with sound engineers?
Oct . 12 . 2019
Line Array Speakers Due to their good directionality, the line array speaker system provides a uniform sound field, small sound field interference and good sound quality, which is very popular among musicians.
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