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FP10000Q amplifier One channel pushes a 15-inch full-range speaker.
Jun . 10 . 2021
A music enthusiast from Sinbosen shared the feedback of the FP10000Q amplifier. FP10000Q One channel pushes a 15-inch full-range speaker.
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How to prevent howling from microphones and sound systems?
Jun . 10 . 2021
Howling (residual phenomenon of microphone sound when it is located at a critical point) is an abnormal phenomenon that often occurs in sound reinforcement systems. Let's take a look at how to deal with this situation.
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Free shipping and delivery without customs tax!Mexico warehouse is coming
May . 25 . 2021
“The shipping cost are very high,and I still need pay customs tax”
“I need 4 pcs power amplifier FP10000Q,but I need shipping one by one.”
If you are client from Mexico,are you worried about those information?
Now Sinbosenaudio give you a wonderful new
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Sinbosen K-1400 digital power amplifier feedback from the United States and Germany
May . 25 . 2021
1U digital power amplifier K4-1400 feedback comes from the United States and Germany. So how do customers evaluate the use effect of K4-1400 power amplifier?
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Sinbosenaudio K4-450 power amplifier feedback from five countries
May . 20 . 2021
Sinbosenaudio K4-450 power amplifier feedback comes from Spain, Austria, The United Arab Emirates, Germany, France and other five countries.
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