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Facebook Live of Sinbosen KSM8 wired microphones for Trinidad and Tobago customers
Jul . 03 . 2020
Clients from Trinidad and Tobago were very excited in the first two days and told me that he used KSM8 on Facebook for a live broadcast.
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How effective is Sinbosen's DBX digital audio processor?
Jun . 23 . 2020
How effective is Sinbosen's DBX digital audio processor? Customer feedback is the best answer. Let's take a look at the feedback from South African customers and American customers to Sinbosen's DBX processor.
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Do you know what types of audio power amplifiers are available?
Jun . 18 . 2020
The types of audio power amplifiers we commonly see are Class A, Class AB, Class D, Class H, Class TD, Class T, and so on. These are named for a unique technology. In the field of professional stage power amplifiers, what are their characteristics?
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How about the heat dissipation of FP22000Q FP20000Q power amplifier?
Jun . 15 . 2020
What is the advantage of the newly upgraded power amplifier FP22000Q of the cooling system compared with the unupgraded version FP22000Q? This video can give you the answer!
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Sinbosen FP10000Q power amplifier and LAS4+8 power controller feedback from American customers.
Jun . 08 . 2020
The American customer shared with Sinbosen some pictures of when he received the FP10000Q amplifier and LAS4+8 power controller on June 2. He said: I love your products.
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