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How to connect AD48 Audio processor with PC&Router
May . 17 . 2022
For the AD48 Audio processor,it can connect with PC(Wired connection)and also can Router connect(Wireless connection),follow us to show how to do
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Exchange rates fluctuate, product prices fall!
May . 06 . 2022
Due to various reasons, the RMB exchange rate is facing greater depreciation pressure at this stage. The price of export products also fluctuates with the RMB exchange rate!
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How to adjust the equalizer according to the frequency band characteristics of each instrument/voice?
Apr . 27 . 2022
Using the equalizer, you can adjust the volume of a certain part of the frequency band or the whole frequency band of the sound wave to make the sound of instruments/vocals more beautiful. To this end, we need to know the frequency characteristics of each
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What is the difference between an equalizer and a mixer? The application of the equalizer?
Apr . 21 . 2022
The difference between a mixer and an equalizer. What effect does equalizer have, how to use equalizer to repair sound, to achieve the desired sound effect? Flexible selection of equalization can save time and cost for correcting the poor sound track reco
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Customized FP10000Q amplifier with 8 fans on the rear panel!
Apr . 18 . 2022
Sinbosen's FP series cooling system has been upgraded. The high-power FP20000Q, FP22000Q, etc. directly add 8 fans to the rear panel. The customer also wants to customize an FP10000Q with 8 fans.
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