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What is the role of speaker directivity? Differences between 2 generations of KA208
Sep . 21 . 2023
KA208 is a line array sound speaker that features a sound pressure level of up to 125dB. The speaker directivity plays an important role in the sound audio quality. It determines how the sound is distributed in horizontal and vertical directions. The KA20
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KA208 + SB18 Professional Audio System Tested by Client!
Jul . 31 . 2023
The KA208+SB18 audio system tested by the customer is a powerful and reliable audio system, perfect for any professional setting. It is equipped with an 8-inch linear array speaker and an 18-inch subwoofer, which can emit complete and rich frequency band
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Sound test comparison of power amplifier D4-3000 and FP20000Q?
Jul . 31 . 2023
D4-3000 is a new D series power amplifier with mini size and amazing capability. The FP20000Q is an all-time highly regarded 4-channel subwoofer amplifier. Below is customer feedback on their use.
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How to use DSP software for digital power amplifier D series?
Jul . 28 . 2023
The professional digital high-power amplifier D series (D4-3000, D4-2000, D2-4200, D2-3500, D2-3000) uses the German imported DSP software module ALLDSP ALLControl. Fully functional, precise control, and flexible software operation.
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Accessories and 4 in 1 Dolly for K3 line Array Speaker!
Jun . 30 . 2023
The dual 12 inch linear array speaker K3 has extremely high sound performance, is lightweight and easy to install. K3 offers other high-quality accessories to choose from, such as iron cars, bumpers, rain covers, etc. You can also choose the 4 in 1 transp
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