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What is function of bridging of professional power amplifier?
May . 14 . 2021
Bridge mode is a connection method for power amplifiers in the professional audio field.
Most professional audio amplifiers support bridging. The bridge connection of the audio power amplifier is to push the output ends of the two amplifier circuits into
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Good news! Sinbosen power amplifiers increase inventory in overseas warehouses!
May . 11 . 2021
Sinbosen's last batch of overseas warehouse amplifiers is out of stock! The overseas warehouse inventory has begun to be shipped. Soon, customers can start ordering!
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Sinbosenaudio K4-600 digital power amplifier feedback from Latvia
May . 06 . 2021
What is the effect of Sinbosenaudio K4-600 digital power amplifier? Let's take a look at the feedback from customers in Latvia.
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Sinbosenaudio power amplifier FP10000Q feedback from European customers.
Apr . 26 . 2021
Sinbosenaudio power amplifier FP10000Q feedback. A collection of FP10000Q power amplifier feedback from European customers. Let's take a look at how European customers rate FP10000Q amplifier.
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Great News!Sinbosenaudio have warehouse in European&USA
Apr . 22 . 2021
Why Sinbosenaudio do the amplifier stock warehouse in European&USA
Due to the difficult time,shipping cost is up each month,sometimes even up 1 week,but the delivery time longer than the before;Some European client also feedback the customs tax are high.
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