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Wireless microphone SKM9000 for Puerto Rican use indoor party
Nov . 30 . 2021
For now,more clients do the party indoor,also will have singer to sing the song,wireless microphone it for good choose for them.
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Subwoofer Power amplifier FP14000&FP24000 2 channels woking function from clients
Nov . 27 . 2021
As we know,if you do a wonderful stage,it not just use the line array speaker with amplifier,it also will use the subwoofer with subwoofer amplifier made the stage more powerful,do you agreed with it?
So which subwoofer amplifier suitable for your speake
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How to use the microphone correctly? Can I blow/slap toward the microphone head?
Nov . 24 . 2021
In order to become the king of singing, in addition to having a good voice, the correct and flexible use of the microphone is also very important, which will help improve your timbre performance.
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Sinbosen's new silver panel of digital processor design for customers
Nov . 15 . 2021
Sinbosen customers' favorite hot processor AD48 and PA2 silver panels are now online. Do you like the stylish silver look? If you want to customize your requirements, welcome to consult!
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Sinbosen Customizes Power Amplifier with Different Panels and Logos for You
Nov . 08 . 2021
Are all power amplifiers on the market the same? May wish to customize a power amplifier of your own!
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