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​​What is Dante? Sinbosen Amplifier with Dante function
Jun . 04 . 2024
Sinbosen Amplifier with Dante function, a cutting-edge DSP power amplifier that revolutionizes audio control. With Dante technology, this amplifier allows for seamless networked audio distribution. What is Dante? It's a digital audio networking solution t
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The detailed differences between the 3 speaker versions?
May . 30 . 2024
Sinbosen offers three speaker versions: 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. The difference lies in the speaker material, which can be either neodymium magnet or ferrite, and the internal design, which can be either simple or exquisite. Now Let's take the K-28 dual 18-inch
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Successfully restored the customer's 7-year-old amplifier!
May . 23 . 2024
In 2017, a customer from Africa purchased our FP10000Q audio amplifier. Recently, this customer came to Guangzhou on a business trip and bring the amplifier to sinbosen for repair.
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Do my speakers need a processor? Which speakers have crossovers?
May . 05 . 2024
Not all active speakers built-in dsp.External crossover speakers require a processor. Speakers with built-in crossover depends on whether they have DSP. And there is the  crossover comparison table of sinbosen's speaker.
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Adjustable fins can be added to KA208/KA210 Line Array!
Apr . 27 . 2024
KA208,KA210 Active Line Array are hot selling plug and play line array speaker that can add the diffusion plate(Adjustable Fins)to optimize the performance of line array speaker systems!
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