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KA210 Line array Speaker + D4-3000 digital amplifier for the outdoor event!
Dec . 31 . 2022
KA210 dual 10-inch line array speaker driven by D4-3000 digital amplifier. This combination has a high sound resolution, clear audio performance, and high sound coverage. It can be widely used in large-scale outdoor places such as concerts!
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PA2 Audio Processor+SKM9000 Wireless Mic+FP10000Q Amplifier for Small and Medium-sized Performances!
Dec . 30 . 2022
The composition of a basic audio system is to connect the microphone to the mixer, the output of the mixer is sent to the power amplifier through a lot of peripheral equipment, and the output of the power amplifier is connected to the speaker. That is, a
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Welcome to visit Sinbosen Company and Amplifier Factory!
Dec . 30 . 2022
The customer made an appointment online to visit the Sinbosen factory. He is equipped with a line array and a subwoofer speaker, and he wants to visit the subwoofer amplifier and midrange treble amplifier that match his speaker.
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Digital amplifier K4-450 no coolingfan noise when idle
Dec . 29 . 2022
Happy New Year to everyone,hope all enjoy the free-time with family and friend to play the music and party.
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Why do many prefer to work with a power amplifier at 2 ohms?
Dec . 19 . 2022
The lower impedance of the power amplifier allows it to provide more power to the speaker. However, the use of low impedance speaker also has a certain risk, such as the amplifier may overload, resulting in damage, which requires working in 2ohms amplifie
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