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Sinbosen's 2021 ranking of popular amplifiers, microphones, speakers, etc.
Jan . 14 . 2022
Although there are joys and sorrows in 2021, there are many things that are worth looking back on. Let's take a look at Sinbosen's popular products in 2021 (amplifiers, microphones, speakers, etc.), and hope to make persistent efforts in 2022!
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Exploring the factory of Sinbosen dual 8-inch line array speakers
Dec . 30 . 2021
In the speaker factory, Sinbosen's KA208 dual 8-inch line array speakers are in production. This model of speaker is both light and capable of creating strong bass sound, which is favored by many customers.
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What parameters should you pay attention to when buying an amplifier?
Dec . 29 . 2021
A qualified professional power amplifier often reaches the corresponding technical parameters. The following 8 technical indicators cannot be ignored!
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Power amplifier FP10000Q|Power amplifier FP20000Q|for line array speaker feedback
Dec . 29 . 2021
“Hi Crytsal,your power amplifier FP10000Q and FP20000Q working wonderful.”
The client from Cuba feedback to us.How is your power amplifier working?Are you enjoy the time with the Christmas holiday party time and ready to welcome the coming New Year.
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Sinbosen team wish all friends and client Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Dec . 24 . 2021
The difficult times of 2021 is going,thanks all friend and client support Sinbosen,Sinbosen team wish all friends and client Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,we believe all of us will goes better in 2022
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