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Italian customers feedback Sinbosen FP10000Q power amplifier and super fast logistics.
Nov . 24 . 2020
It only takes 12 days and no other taxes need to be paid. Italian customers are very satisfied with Sinbosen's logistics.
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How to identify the quality of the power amplifier?
Nov . 23 . 2020
What should I pay attention to when buying an amplifier? Maybe this article can give you some suggestions.
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German customer feedback FP10000Q power amplifier and SM57 wired microphone
Nov . 16 . 2020
Two customers from Germany shared their feedback videos of using amplifiers and microphones to Sinbosen not long ago.
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What are the differences and advantages of active speakers and passive speakers?
Nov . 13 . 2020
When you buy speakers, will you wander between active speakers and passive speakers? So, how to choose active speakers and passive speakers? What is the difference between them? What are their advantages?
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Mexican customers used 8 Sinbosen FP power amplifiers in large-scale events.
Nov . 05 . 2020
The Mexican client who has worked with Sinbosen clients for 5 years once again sent his stage feedback. This time he used 8 amplifiers in a large event.
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