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New Arrival! AES + FIR Class TD DSP Audio Amplifier!
Feb . 22 . 2024
New Series DSP Amplifier with a 4-inch screen touch control and software control function. And more features have been improved. Like the FIR function.Adopting AES interface. Moreover, the new Dsp software has more complete and precise functions.
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What are the transportation methods of speakers?
Nov . 29 . 2023
Professional speakers are compact equipment and it is very important to protect them from damage during transportation. Here are 3 common transportation options provided by Sinbosen,including Carton,Metal Dolly and Flight Case.
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How to distinguish JT-08, VT-08, YT-08 line array speakers?
Nov . 16 . 2023
It is easy to distinguish between JT-08 and VT-08, (one is a dual 12-inch, and the other is a dual 10-inch). Whether looking at pictures or on site, they are easy to distinguish. The JT-08 is relatively much larger, and the distinction is more obvious on
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Sinbosen welcomes Nigerian students to come and study!
Oct . 25 . 2023
In response to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call for the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the President of Nigeria’s visit to China to attend the summit, Sinbosen also welcomed Nigerian students to visit, in response to friendly national cultural exchange
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What is the difference between A15 Focus and Wide? Matches with KS21!
Oct . 20 . 2023
A15 is designed for medium throw production applications up to 45 m. The highly multifunctional family includes A15 Focus and A15 Wide, passive 15" systems with distinct coverage patterns.
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