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How to repair common faults of power amplifier
Oct . 21 . 2021
Method of repairing malfunctioning power amplifier,such as the machine does not work,no sound output,light sound...and so on
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The evolution of studio microphone directivity
Oct . 15 . 2021
When the microphone was invented, there was no such directivity as we know it today. Now let us follow the history of the microphone to understand the evolution of the directivity of the microphone.
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Sinbosen's live broadcast, your question session
Oct . 13 . 2021
Weekly product live broadcasts to show you more product information
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The new mini K2-450 and the previous K2-450
Oct . 11 . 2021
The new Mini k2-450 is released, let's see what is different from the previous version.
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Sinbosen wired and wireless microphone system feedback from customers
Sep . 30 . 2021
Feedback from Indian customers: Drum Microphone Set K-7, Bass BETA91A, Wireless Microphone ew100g3, Wireless Microphone SKM9000, Digital Wireless Microphone AXT220D, In Ear Monitor SR2050.
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