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If you have a show for 3000-5000peoples,which audio equipment you need?
Jun . 29 . 2022
If you have a show for 3000-5000peoples,which audio equipment you need?Follow us,we will give you a Sound system for 3000-5000peoples, Suit for Outdoor show,stadium,concert.
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How about Sinbosen's new microphone M7? What is it suitable for?
Jun . 27 . 2022
Sinbosen's M7 is a multi-function dynamic microphone with both USB and Canon, dual input. Great for live streaming or voice recording. It can be operated by touch, and can also be connected to a computer and mobile phone for software operation.
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What is an amplifier? Is there really a difference between Class A and Class B?
Jun . 27 . 2022
Amplifier is a wonderful thing that is often heard in life and knows it is related to audio, but what it is used for is a little unexplainable. Before we bring it to today's topic, let's briefly introduce what an amplifier is.
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2 channels power amplifier FP14000 for subwoofer speaker feedback from Germany
Jun . 27 . 2022
If you have the RCF LF18X451subwoofer,which amplifier suitable for your subwoofer?
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Field Test of FP10000Q Power Amplifier
Jun . 20 . 2022
FP10000Q is Sinbosen's best-selling power amplifier, and customers have reported its audition video, let's listen to it!
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