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SLX24 A Wireless Microphone That Can't Be Known to Competitors
Feb . 22 . 2020
Customers say the SLX24 is a wireless microphone that can't be known to competitors. Why do customers say that? This article tells you the answer.
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5 wired dynamic microphones are perfect for vocal recording and live singing!
Feb . 18 . 2020
The dynamic microphone has a sturdy structure, is thicker than other microphones, and mainly has a metal case. Stable and durable. Suitable for vocal recording, live performances, live singing and more. Today, let's take a look at what dynamic microphones
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Appreciation of SM58 / BETA58A wired microphone by customers from Spain!
Feb . 15 . 2020
Sinbosen SM58 and BETA58A wired microphones received feedback from customers in Spain.
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Why choose a digital wireless microphone system?
Feb . 11 . 2020
The digital age has been integrated into our personal and professional lives. Audio is no exception, and digital wireless microphones are increasingly demanding the market through their own capabilities. Why are more and more people choosing digital wirel
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How to learn to operate Sinbosen DSP Power Amplifier in 5 minutes?
Jan . 04 . 2020
How does a DSP power amplifier operate? How to use computer control? This video will let you learn in five minutes!
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