How about the heat dissipation function of Sinbosen FP10000Q amplifier?

How about the heat dissipation function of Sinbosen FP10000Q amplifier?

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Update time : 2021-07-05 09:57:14
In 2018-2019, Sinbosen has already upgraded the FP10000Q power amplifier. Including enhanced heat dissipation plate to enhance heat dissipation. Increase capacitance and so on. In terms of extending the heat sink. The 30mm heat sink already meets the climatic conditions of many customers. Many customers support and love this upgrade very much.

However, Sinbosen's research upgrade will not stop. In order to meet the needs of more customers. We also upgrade the FP10000Q power amplifier according to some customers who have special requirements for the cooling system of the power amplifier.

This is a customer from Mexico. The customer attaches great importance to the heat dissipation of the power amplifier and has high requirements. Therefore, we have customized the FP10000Q of Thermal Upgrade 2 for our customers. On the basis of an extended 30mm heat sink. Sinbosen added 8 small fans on the rear panel. Solve the customer's troubles well.

Below are some feedback pictures of FP10000Q power amplifier shared by customers. The customer customized a total of 4 pcs FP10000Q with a cooling system with 8 small fans. Let's take a look.

Sinbosen audio is very very very very grateful to customers for sharing feedback on the FP10000Q amplifier. Thank you customers for your love of this FP10000Q power amplifier with a customized heat sink. These pictures are awesome. Sinbosen can't wait to share it with everyone.

In fact, customers who have been paying attention to Sinbosen know that on the basis of extending the heat sink, the rear panel has been upgraded with 8 small fans. The FP20000Q power amplifier and FP22000Q power amplifiers have been upgraded a long time ago. In order to make the power amplifier use better, the performance is more stable, the use is more durable, and the output is more powerful. Therefore, we upgrade the power amplifier with higher power.

If you plan to buy FP10000Q power amplifier, you can according to your own needs, the weather conditions of the event and performance, etc. Choose whether to bring the FP10000Q with a cooling system with 8 fans. The 30mm extended heat dissipation system can also achieve a good heat dissipation effect.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact our customer service directly.

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