New Arrival丨Sinbosen UHF Professional Handheld Wireless Microphone EW100G4
Wireless Microphone

Sinbosen new arrival EW100G4 professional handheld wireless microphone

Item No.: EW100G4
Brand: Sinbosen
Model: EW100G4
Working distance: 100m
Communication: Wireless
Style: Handheld Microphone
Frequency range: UHF 626-668MHz / 823-865MHz
Number of channels: 2
Signal to noise ratio:≥115 dBA

Model EW100G4
Antenna connector  2 BNC socket
Dimensions 202 x212 x 43mm
Weight about 980 grams
Power supply 12 VDC
Noise reduction 75 db or higher
RF sensitivity < 2.5 uV for 52 dBA EFF S/N
THD total harmonic distortion ≤0.9%
Frequency point adjustable range up to 88 MHz
Audio output 6.3mm plug (unbalanced):+12dBU XLR jack (balanced):+18 dBU
SNR ≥115 dBA
Noise 5 dBuV to 25 dBuV Use 2 dB steps
Modulation broadband FM
size 82x64x24mm


about 160g (including battery)
Power 2 AA batteries, 1.5V or BA 2015 Accupack
Audio frequency response Microphone (80~ 18,000Hz), line (25 ~ 18,000Hz)

Frequency stability

≤ soil 15 PPM
THD total harmonic distortion ≤0.9%
RF output power (switching adjustable) Low: usually 10 mW; Standard: usually 30 mW;High: usually 50 mW

Adjustable frequency range

up to 88MHZ

Input impedance  40K2, unbalanced / 1 MQ




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