Sinbosen AXT100D UHF Professional Wireless Instrument Microphone
Wireless Microphone

Sinbosen AXT100D UHF Professional Wireless Instrument Microphone

Item No.: AXT100D
Brand: Sinbosen
Model: AXT100D
Working distance: 200m
Frequency Range: 620-640mhz
Channel : Single
Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Power supply: 100 - 240V
Warranty: 2 Years
Product details
Microphone Receiver 
Chassis Specifications  Standard 1U chassis
Number of channels  Single channel
Frequency range  UHF 620-640mhz
Modulation method  FM
Oscillation method  PLL phase locked frequency synthesizer
Frequency stability  ± 0.0005%

 S / N> 60dB when the offset is equal to 25KHz 

 and input 6dBμV

Maximum deviation  ± 45kHz
Bandwidth  40MHz
Integrated S / N ratio  > 108 dB
General T.H.D.  <0.4% @ 1 KHz
Integrated frequency response  65Hz ~ 18kHz ± 3dB,
Maximum output voltage  Balanced: -20dBV/100Ω
 Unbalanced: -4dBV/5KΩ
Output socket  XLR balanced and 6.3φ unbalanced socket
Working effective distance  200 meters in general (open area)
Power supply  100 - 240V AC50 / 60 Hz, 10W
Beta 98H Specifications 
 Sensor type  Condenser microphone
 Frequency Response  20Hz-20 KHz
 Pickup mode  Heart-shaped
 Sensitivity (mV / Pa)  1,6 mV / Pa
 Sensitivity (dBV / Pa)  -56 dBV/Pa
 Equivalent self-noise:  31 dB (A)
 Sound pressure  163 dB
 Weight  65g
 Connector  Three-pin professional audio (XLR), male
·  Ultra high frequency band (UHF) transmission
·  True diversity reception
·  Metal shell
·  PLL phase-locked loop technology
·  Noise detection
·  Adjustable with 80 frequency points
·  Easy to operate

·  Microcomputer CPU control : The whole hardware circuit of the system is controlled by the microcomputer, which can perform processing such as frequency selection, display, mute lock, battery capacity monitoring, etc., to realize various functions that are difficult to be realized by traditional models.
·  Liquid crystal display : High-performance liquid crystal display, all control menus can be displayed on the LCD screen, which is convenient for system control.




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