Exploring the factory of Sinbosen dual 8-inch line array speakers
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Exploring the factory of Sinbosen dual 8-inch line array speakers

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Update time : 2021-12-30 17:32:30

The above is the latest double 8 inch line array woofer KA208 in production.
The KA208 cabinet is made of 18 mm Russian imported plywood. The surface spray paint is clean and silver-black, and 1.5 mm Hexagon Hole is opened for better sound transmission.
This speaker has hangings and bolts, so you can easily hang in the position you want.Although KA208 is small and exquisite, it can support strong bass sound, especially Suit for slow rock middle-large size show.


The following are the details and accessories of this speaker:
Adjustable Mount Angle:With riggle hardware lock pin and bar
Comfortable Handle:Easier to carry
Metal Mesh:Exquisite and sturdy metal mesh
Ply Wood:Speaker cabinet made by high quality birch plywood,surface Spray painted
Fly Bumpers:Optional to add fly bumpers products
Flight Case:Optional air box packaging

Sound system for 1000-1200 peoples, Suit for Outdoor show,stadium,concert
KA208 Line array 8" Double Passive speaker & KA18 Sub Signal 18" Passive speaker 6 pcs dual 8" line array + 2pcs single 18" subs  for a group and hang up at left and right side together. (Necessary)
Active Speaker QF15M Put them on the front of stage. (Necessary)
Amplifier FP8000Q Need three FP8000Q amplifiers. Each channel  connect with1pcs 8" line arrayNeed three FP8000Q amplifiers. Each channel  connect with1pcs 8" line array. (Necessary)
Amplifier FP14000(LF SUB) Each channel  connect with 1pcs double 18" Sub or two pcs single 18" Sub. (Necessary)
Audio Processor AD48 4input 8output processor 1 piece (Necessary)
Power sequencer 1 piece (Alternative)
Mixer MG166CX 1 piece (Necessary)
SKM9000 Handheld mic (High end Version) One set wireless microphone only. Remind us if you need more. (Necessary)
Speaker Cable /Free gift for amplifier (Necessary)
Speaker connector /Free gift for amplifier (Necessary)
XLR Signal cable  /Free gift for amplifier (Necessary)


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