Wireless microphone system antenna amplifier 848S professional 8 channel antenna amplifier
Antenna Amplifier

Wireless microphone system antenna amplifier 848S professional 8 channel antenna amplifier

Item No.: 848S
Marca: Sinbosen
Modelo: 848S
Communication: Wireless
Frequency range: 500-950MHz
Impedance: 50Ω
Bandwidth: 450MHz
Power supply: 100-240V / 50 / 60Hz
Channel: 8 channels
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Sinbosen's Antenna Distributor system wireless microphone is designed for the long distance reception and transmitting, it is easier to carry and install. Can use for gymnasium, concert, theater, and large performance venues,etc.

Product name: Antenna amplifier distributor
Frequency range: 450-950MHz
Input truncation point: + 22dBm
Noise ratio: 4.0 db type (Center band)
Gain: + 6-9dB (Center band)
Output impedance: 15dBmin
Impedance: 50Ω
Bandwidth: 450MHz
Socket: BNC female
Power supply: 100-240V / 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: 170mA
Channel: 8channels


Eight-channel antenna amplifier
Distributor recevier parameters

The 848S antenna splitter is a full-channel UHF antenna splitter, which can guide antenna signals from a pair of antennas to multiple receivers in a multi-channel system. The distributor amplifies the RF signal to compensate for the attenuation during the distribution process. External 5A switching power supply can provide four sets of 12v DC power to the wireless receiver. A single antenna distributor host can support up to 8 antenna channel ports.

848 antenna host frequency response 450 ~ 970MHZ
Impedance: 50 Euromother
Input AC voltage: 100-240v
Output DC voltage: 12v four sets of DC output terminals
Antenna amplifier voltage: 12v

Technical parameters of active directional antenna:
-The directional function feature uses a log period dipole oscillator array, It can provide the best receiving effect when facing the required coverage area.
-The integrated amplifier has four gain settings to compensate for different levels of coaxial cable signal loss.
-The antenna wing leaf can be fixed on the microphone bracket, can also be hung on the ceiling, or fixed on the wall using an integrated rotatable bracket.
-The low-noise signal amplifier can compensate for the insertion loss of the coaxial cable, is compatible with wireless receivers and antenna distribution systems, and can provide 10-15 VDC bias.

-The threaded integrated stand can be easily fixed to the microphone stand
-Four-gear gain adjustable selector switch
-Unidirectional antenna with high quality, high reliability and durability
-RF frequency range: 450-950MHz




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