What is the Sinbosen amplifier's voltage?110V?220V?90-240V?

What is the Sinbosen amplifier's voltage?110V?220V?90-240V?

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Update time : 2021-03-25 11:20:33
Do you know your client use voltage?Do you know how to choose Sinbosen amplifier with different series?
1.How many voltage for your choose?
110V:it can use from 90V-130V,Almost USA and Mexican use this one(but it have few special use 220V)
220V:It can use from 200V-240V,all European country use this voltage
Wide Voltage:it is can use from 90-240V,so it don’t need to know which market or which country use to.
2.what happens if the amplifier voltage is wrong?
110V amplifier use on 220V voltage:Your Amplifier will be burned at once.The power supply board may exploded. Take care!  
220V amplifier use on 110V voltage:Your Amplifier not burned but can’t be turned on.
3.How to do if choose wrong amplifier?
Click there,it have details tell you how to do.
4.Which voltage for sinbosen power amplifierThe most important part
A.For the FP/DSP amplifier,you need let us to know which voltage use to before order,because it work with 110V or 220V
B.For the digital amplifier,like the D series(D4-2500/D4-2000/D2-3500/D2-3000) and K series(K-1200/K-1000/K-800/K4-1400/K4-1700)almost for wide voltage,it mean can working from 90V-240V,so you don’t need care about your country voltage stable or not will influences amplifier power.
PS:For the digital amplifier it have 4 models is special,it need know which voltage you use,It is K4-450/K4-600/K2-450/K2-600(please attention this information)
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