What are the special places for DSP amplifiers that customers like?
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What are the special places for DSP amplifiers that customers like?

DSP series amplifiers are increasingly popular with many customers. Recently, Sinbosen received good feedback from customer on the DSP amplifier.

The customer from the United States consulted Sinbosen about the DSP amplifier before purchasing, and did not hesitate to buy after learning the DSP amplifier. Do you want to know why the DSP amplifier can get the customer's favorite? What is the DSP amplifier in the eyes of customers?

Customer feedback from the United States!

The American customer purchased the DSP20000Q and DSP6000Q and also purchased a FP22000Q. He is very satisfied with the DSP amplifier. At the scene of his event, DSP power amplifier and FP22000Q work to achieve the effect he wants. The operation is simple and convenient, saving him a lot of energy.

We all know that the biggest difference between DSP amplifiers and ordinary amplifiers is that the main function of a DSP amplifier is to process the audio signal and amplify the power. There are also many with multiple audio input functions. Because the DSP amplifier is used in a unique DSP processor, it not only has basic sensitivity matching and simple crossover capabilities, but also handles audio. For example, each channel independently adjusts the frequency division, EQ, delay, mute, phase, etc. as standard functions, and the frequency division slope, the frequency division type, and the frequency division point all have multiple modes and precisions.(►What is the difference between DSP power amplifier and ordinary power amplifier?)

This is also the biggest reason why customers choose DSP amplifiers. Let us take a look at the advantages of Sinbosen DSP20000Q and DSP6000Q.
  DSP6000Q DSP20000Q
8 ohm Stereo Power (RMS) 625WX4CH 2200WX4CH
4 ohm Stereo Power (RMS) 1300WX4CH 4000WX4CH
2 ohm Stereo Power (RMS) 1500WX4CH 4500WX4CH
8 ohm Bridged Power (RMS) 2500WX2CH 8000WX2CH
4 ohm Bridged Power (RMS) 3000WX2CH 9000WX2CH
 Capacitor  3300UF 200V 3600UF 200V
Cooling system
3 advantages
Software control
Multiple power amplifier controls Touch screen

Amplifier built-in processor,4 inch size led screen can touch,control the amplifier sound effect
DSP amplifier also cintrol by PC,through software can more precise adjustment  dsp processor One PC can independent control serveral dsp amplifier at the same time


►Create SUPER sound quality.
►Control the sound effect by Touch on front 4" LED display screen.
►Or control the sound effect by Computer.
►Simple DSP software,no need install,easy operate it.
►Bridge-mode operation for Touring Applications.
►Comprehensive protection scheme.
►Use Original ONSEMI transistor.
►Neutrik XLR*/Speakon connectors.
►Extended heatsink board to 94 mm.

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