3600 watts 2 ohms stable digital amplifier H-1700 excellent work!
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3600 watts 2 ohms stable digital amplifier H-1700 excellent work!

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Update time : 2019-08-19 16:18:42
Recently, customers often consult some information about our H-1700 amplifier. So I hope this article will also help you better understand the H-1700 amplifier.

Q: Is the H-1700 4 channels?
A: No, it's 2 channels and its size is 1U. Very mini but powerful!

Q: How about H-1700 in sub-bass performance?
A: H-1700 is suitable for line array speakers, full-range speakers, etc. If you want to perfectly display the bass of your speakers, we recommend that you purchase our FP series amplifiers. Such as Sinbosen FP22000Q

Q: I use 110V voltage in my area, I don't know if your amplifier is suitable.
A: Yes, we can make 90-130V or 200-240V, don't worry.

Many clients are curious about if the H-1700 works well. So now let's take a look at some customer feedback for your reference.

Feedback from Mexico and Ecuador clients, many thanks!

heartOur Ecuadorian customer said:" Good combination KA210 speakers and H-1700 power + the excellent FP20000Q !!!"

heartAnd our Mexican customers were very satisfied after testing the H-1700 and continued to buy one!


Video Feedback

If you want to know more about the H-1700 amplifier, please click: 1U digital amplifier H-1700
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