Customer's SKM9000 Application Scenario
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Customer's SKM9000 Application Scenario!

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Update time : 2022-04-30 23:14:45
Skm9000 is sinbosen's best-selling wireless microphone model. It has beautiful sound quality and long-distance signal transmission, which many customers will appreciate.

This is the client's live soundtrack, and you can hear the perfect match between the SKM9000 wireless microphone and the singer!

And the SKM9000 is easy to operate.For example, the sweep function:

The standard SKM9000 system is 1 receiver+2 microphones! And you have 3 choices, lavalier microphone/head microphone/handheld microphone.
You can choose different frequency ranges according to your needs 513-558 MHz/615-655 MHz/780-822MHz.The specific features are as follows:
  • UHF 800MHz band, phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer
  •  one for two, 150X2 channel adjustable
  •  infrared frequency, automatic synchronization lock the transmitter frequency
  • the receiver automatically scans and locks the current environment is best to use free channels.
  •  hair shooter microphone with two tranches of power regulation, meet the requirements of multi-use
  • superheterodyne double conversion design, with a high receiver sensitivity
  •  multi-level high-performance surface acoustic wave filters, with excellent anti-jamming capability
  • Mute circuit specially designed to completely eliminate the microphone turned on and off the impact of noise
  • microphone use Tesco on the 5th battery continued up to 6-8 hours
  • microphone dual step-up design, the battery down does not affect the transmit power
  •  the ideal environment for an operating radius of 100 meters, used in a variety of high demand occasions
  • The default configuration for the microphone T9

And There are many application scenarios of SKM9000. If you want to have a wireless microphone, SKM9000 is undoubtedly your best choice!
UHF professional wireless microphone with microphone receiver

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