What is the Best Material for Professional Audio Speaker Cabinets?

What is the Best Material for Professional Audio Speaker Cabinets?

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For the professional audio speakers,different factory use different material for the cabinet box,which one is the best choose and quality?
Let's see different material types of speaker cabinet boxes with different Advantages &Disadvantages

1.What is the connection between cabinet box materials and professional audio speaker acoustics?
The mechanical properties of the speaker cabinet material directly affect the performance of the speaker. Among them, the density of the material is related to the sound insulation, and the mechanical strength of the material is related to the self-vibration of the cabinet and also related to the bass tone.
The damping characteristics of the material are related to the Q value and filtration of the air in the box. The lower the material density, the worse the sound insulation effect, and the lower the resonance efficiency of the speaker; the worse the mechanical strength of the material, the higher the free vibration rate of the housing, and the louder the speaker noise; the worse the material rigidity, the worse the low-frequency elasticity.

2.What is the different Material types of speaker cabinet boxes with different Advantages &Disadvantages
A.18mm plywood

a.18mm plywood has good acoustic properties:We know that for musical instruments with wooden cabinets like acoustic guitars, the cabinets must be able to enhance the string vibration to form greater resonance; while the speaker cabinets are just the opposite, requiring cabinets not to follow the unit's Vibrate and vibrate to avoid distorted cavity resonance. 18mm plywood is the best choice for speaker cabinets because of its ability to meet the acoustic requirements of speaker production.
b.18mm plywood is also a dense wood product that does not interfere with the tone of speakers. In general, plywood has proven to be successful. This is a common choice for those architectural speaker boxes to improve clarity and sound quality.
c.It is lightweight,makes transporting and movement easier
d.Durability: Its composition, strength and versatility make 18mm plywood a high-quality material that will last for a long time. When you consider more lasting results, the initial investment becomes more economical.
e.Less distort: Compared with other plywood, 18mm plywood does not distort as frequently as other plywood, especially when the fragments are thicker.
f.Aesthetics: 18mm plywood is also an attractive wood work. It can be left exposed, depending on the style of its room or easy handling to suit any desired appearance. Stains, dyes and finishes can be added easily, or simply finished with a transparent top. 

18mm plywood will be more expensive than other wood substitutes, but the price increased will also make up for the improved sound quality.
For Sinbosenaudio factory all speaker for 18mm plywood,as as the follow goods.


B.Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF):MDF is an artificial board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives.

a.Economy: The amount spent on the speaker box will depend on the size you need and the number of speakers you plan to cover. This is a fairly cheap material compared to other wood.
b.Dense and uniform: As we mentioned, these characteristics are most important for clear and consistent sound.
c.Easy to cut: Because there are no wood grains like natural wood and throughout. This allows you to use a larger board and easily customize the size of the speaker box. 

a.MDF is uniformly distributed in the internal structure of the plate. Although it can exert a certain strength support from the thickness, it is subject to the mechanical strength index, which eliminates, avoids or reduces the performance of the box shell's self-vibration. Still quite limited. Especially when producing high-performance, high-quality or through-the-box speakers, this weakness is insurmountable.
b.Latex or screws are often used for connection and locking of density panel speakers. Especially for the installation of loudspeaker units, self-tapping screws are often used to lock the unit basin frame on the cabinet. Due to the poor nail-holding force of the density board, if the speaker unit is locked with metal screws, as the number of times the speaker is used, the screw locking strength will gradually decrease until it becomes loose, thereby reducing the overall rigidity of the speaker. The sound quality will gradually decrease.
c.the biggest drawback of this type of material is that it is not moisture-proof and swells when exposed to water.

Overall, 18mm plywood is the best choose for professional speaker, line array, and subwoofers. because of its multiple thin layers,  absence of voids, rigidity and rich density that facilities better clarity and tone. Also Its durability ensure you could keep the speaker for long time, and good for touring performance in a bumpy roads.All Sinbosenaudio speaker use with the 18mm plywood,if you need more detail,you can follow our Sinboenaudio.

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