How about Sinbosen's new microphone M7? What is it suitable for?
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How about Sinbosen's new microphone M7? What is it suitable for?

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Update time : 2022-06-27 17:34:13
M7 brief description:  
The M7 is Sinbosen's newest microphone. It is a USB microphone, which means that it can be used directly after connecting to a computer or mobile phone through a USB cable without a sound card. Of course, it also has many features, and now, we carefully analyze this microphone from appearance to interior to software operation!

After removing the high-density sponge blowout cover, what you can see is the metal protective cover of the microphone core, which acts as an electromagnetic shield.

MicroUSB: used to connect to a computer or mobile phone
3.5mm headphone jack
Canon interface for connecting to a sound card

Stable way (with its own suspension bracket)  
Can be matched with a stable desktop stand
Can be matched with a cantilever bracket that hangs upside down

Its pitch angle can be adjusted in various ways to adapt to the speaker's different speech positions and heights.

Appearance control (pitch angle, microphone head down):  
Touch operation, avoiding the noise of pressing
Touch buttons on the left and right
In the middle is a swipeable touch panel

1. If it is in the case of green light, slide the touch panel, this time adjust the gain of the microphone.
2. Press the touch button on the right side, the indicator light turns yellow, and the volume of the headset is adjusted at this time.
3. Press and hold the right button, the indicator light turns into a state of interlaced yellow and green, and enter the monitoring ratio adjustment (the ratio between the zero-delay hardware monitoring and the USB monitoring can be adjusted). Slide the green light to the left, hardware monitoring. Slide the green light to the right, the software will listen back. Long press to exit the current interface (return to green light)
4. Press the left button to light up (the leftmost indicator light turns red), and the microphone is muted. Press the red light again to unmute!
5. Press and hold the two buttons on the left and right at the same time, and a red light will light up on the right side. At this time, the control of the gain is locked, and there is no way to adjust it, which can prevent accidental touches. It will not hinder your control of the headphones. Unlock: Press and hold the buttons on both sides at the same time, wait for the red light on the right to go out

Software features:  

The computer has installed the corresponding software "MOTIV", the microphone is connected to the computer, and the microphone will be recognized when the software is opened.
Mobile phone software connection
The function is the same as that of the computer, but it also has simple recording and editing functions!

Software Function (with automatic level and manual two modes)
●Manual mode (interface sequence):
1. Mute the microphone (corresponding to the touch operation on the appearance of the microphone)
2. Gain (corresponding to the touch operation on the appearance of the microphone)
3. Monitor mixing (corresponding to the touch operation on the appearance of the microphone)
4. Equalization (starting from the equalization function, the following functions can only be controlled by software): Adjust the frequency response and change the timbre.
There are four presets for equalization:
①Straight: The default is normal
②Low Cut: Reduce ambient noise
③Mid and high frequency enhancement: Make the sound a little brighter, which can make people's voices sound better and have a more sense of presence
④Synthesis of low-cut and high-frequency gain
5. Limiter: There is only one switch, simple but useful. Almost no matter how you shout after it is turned on, you can't burst mic!
6. Compressor: light/mid/high, or off
7. Indicator light operating status
①Real-time indicator: After it is turned on, the indicator becomes the display of the input level, and the input level will flash with the sound level
②Night mode: The indicator light will dim when turned on. It can be opened in the state of playing games or live broadcast at night, and it will not be dazzling.

●Auto level
If you don't know how to adjust the compressor, limiter, EQ, or you just want simple presets. You just need to tell the software how far or near you are from the mic, and whether you want a natural, deep or bright tone. The software will adjust the effect you want!
Whether it is automatic or manual, you can save the preset, and then you can enable the preset if you want to apply it, and the parameters will be automatically adjusted according to the preset!

FAQ:The M7 has many functions, but what about the sound performance?  
After testing, the overall trend of the M7 frequency response is similar to that of the professional vocal microphone SM58, which is well received in the industry. It can be said that it is a professional vocal microphone with USB function!
Although the M7 is called a vocal microphone, it does not mean that it can only record vocals or voices!

As a voice dynamic microphone itself, it has the following characteristics:
①Can withstand very loud sound pressure levels
②has a very precise cardioid pattern
③Then there is also a nice off-axis suppression effect

The combination of the three features makes its application scenarios very wide.A very versatile dynamic voice microphone.
If you are looking for a complete set of audio equipment. You don't want very complicated, very professional equipment but you want to have great sound. Especially for people who have live broadcast needs or voice recording needs, if you want to have a multi-functional dynamic microphone that has both USB and Canon, dual input.M7 is definitely one of your best choices! M7 is definitely a microphone worth considering and starting!


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