KA210+H1700+FP20000Q! A Good Group of Powerful Stage!
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KA210+H1700+FP20000Q! A Good Group of Powerful Stage!

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Update time : 2019-11-25 10:59:44
Sinbosen often receive some customer inquiries, like: What kind of amplifier do I have to choose to match my speakers, or what kind of speakers do I have to choose to make my stage more passionate? Is there a better set of amplifiers and speakers? And so many similar questions.

Sinbosen also make a lot of matching for our customers and try our best to provide our customers with the best stage audio equipment. But for Sinbosen, the best match is still from the customer's use. Only customer satisfaction is the best match for us.

Last week, Sinbosen audio received feedback from customers in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian client hosted a lively evening party. At the party, he used a set of stage equipment purchased at Sinbosen. KA210 line array, power amplifier FP20000Q and digital power amplifier H-1700. A very powerful combination. Really cool!

Received feedback from customers, Sinbosen audio is really very happy, and the recognition of customers gives us a lot of confidence. In the process of chatting with customers, Sinbosen felt the customer's satisfaction with Sinbosen products.

Looking forward to KA210, H-1700, FP20000Q can bring more and better stage to customers, and Sinbosen wish customers the next stage will be more wonderful.

A powerful set of sound equipment creates a passionate stage. If you are looking for such a set of audio equipment, contact us. Find the product you want.

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