Sinbosen's ready-to-ship flight case combined with 1u audio equipment
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Sinbosen's ready-to-ship flight case combined with 1u audio equipment

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Update time : 2022-03-15 15:55:27
The traditional simple wooden box packaging and transportation cannot solve the shortcomings of these high-tech products that are not effectively protected during long-distance transportation and have poor mobility. In view of this drawback, a new packaging product instead of transportation - flight case has been produced. The increasingly frequent cross-border trade has brought the use and development of flight cases into a golden stage, especially in the field of high-tech equipment such as stage lighting equipment, medical equipment, audio-visual system multimedia, optoelectronic industry, military transportation packaging and military equipment transportation.

The improvement of the high-tech product's own value determines that the carrier flight case of this product has a higher protection function. The external structure of the flight case is made of a relatively hard multi-layer plywood and ABS fireproof board nailed into a wooden box. Aluminum alloy profiles of certain thickness and strength are used. Each corner of the box is connected and fixed with high-strength metal spherical corners, alloy aluminum edges and splints. The bottom of the box is composed of PU wheels with strong bearing capacity and wear resistance.Internal structure: The box can be installed with partitions according to the product characteristics; the inner side of the box and the partitions are pasted with a relatively soft EVA composite solid rebound material (the material has the advantages of light weight, heat preservation, shock resistance, moisture resistance, flame resistance, oxidation resistance, sealing Function). The internal and external structure and materials of the flight case determine the advantages of fire protection, waterproof, impact resistance, and convenient maneuvering of the flight case. The box body is made of recyclable materials except for wheel plates, wheels and hardware; the service life is long, and under normal use, the service time can reach 5-8 years, which is 2-3 times that of ordinary flight cases.

Sinbosen's flight case is specially designed for carrying and transporting audio equipment. The size of Sinbosen audio and most audio equipment on the market, such as processors, sequencers, digital power amplifiers, 2u power amplifiers, wireless microphones, receivers, etc., can be applied to this A flight case! And there are options with wheels or drawers!

This is a 6u flight case ready to be shipped to customers. Customers who buy flight cases at Sinbosen generally also buy multiple 1u audio equipment or 2u amplifiers, etc. Because these combinations can save extra shipping!This customer also purchased 3 1u SKM9000 wireless microphones and an AXT220D wireless microphone in Sinbosen. Each wireless microphone has 2 handhelds, a total of 8 handhelds. Sinbosen's flight case comes with a bum pack, and customers can manually create storage space for microphones according to their needs. For example, for this customer's 8 microphones, 4 can be stored in the drawer, and then two can be stored on each side of the closed door of the flight case!

Sinbosen's flight case is available in short, medium and long... You can also customize its depth and the size of the case, decide whether it has drawers or not. If you also want to customize an flight case, welcome to consult us!

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