What is the difference between the two-channel power amplifier, the four-channel power amplifier and the usual power amplifier?

What is the difference between the two-channel power amplifier, the four-channel power amplifier and the usual power amplifier?

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The picture above shows Sinbosen's K2-450 and K4-450, one is a 2-channel digital power amplifier, and the other is a 4-channel digital power amplifier. As smart as you, you should be able to see the difference. These two are Sinbosen's best-selling digital power amplifiers, only the difference in channel, the power is the same. Whether dual-channel or quad-channel, each has its own necessity.

Two-channel power amplifier, four-channel power amplifier and normal power amplifier function are only the difference of treble and bass. Four-channel amplifiers and two-channel amplifiers have treble and bass, and ordinary amplifiers do not have treble and bass.

To form stereo, there must be at least two channels (left and right channels), and two-channel power amplifiers (each channel is independently amplified) can be achieved. Due to the high requirements for sound quality, it is necessary to amplify the treble and bass separately and output to the tweeter and woofer respectively. The four-channel power amplifier is relatively advanced, that is, the left and right channels are divided into treble and bass, and there are four channels. Of course, the speaker should also be connected to the kind that separates the tweeter and woofer.
Two-channel is the popular stereo sound now, two speakers or plus a subwoofer. (Single-channel power amplifiers have only one output channel and only one speaker, which has been eliminated).

The left channel is the sound output in the electronic device that simulates the hearing range of the human left ear, and is opposite to the right channel. Generally, the relevant low-frequency area signal is compressed and played on this track, and most of the vocal dialogue and transliteration are in this channel.

In stereo, the left channel and the right channel can play the same or different sound respectively, resulting in a stereo sound changing effect from left to right or from right to left. In mono properties, there is no difference between left and right channels.

The four-channel power amplifier means that the power amplifier has four channels, that is, the four speakers are separately amplified, and the four-channel power amplifier has four output ports, which are connected to two speakers in the front sound field and two speakers in the rear sound field. If there is no speaker in the rear sound field, you can bridge the remaining two output ports, and then connect a bass. This power amplifier has a multi-channel independent amplifier to push the sound-generating device to produce sound. The sound quality of each channel will not interfere with each other, ensuring the consistency of sound quality. Reach a reasonable and stable current and provide good sound quality output. High-end AV amplifiers use the same independent amplifier inside. Each output can be connected to a single speaker or a set of speaker units.

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