American customer customized FP10000Q power amplifier with Sinbosen upgraded cooling system.
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American customer customized FP10000Q power amplifier with Sinbosen upgraded cooling system.

American customers purchased a FP10000Q power amplifier from Sinbosen. This is a power amplifier that is different from Sinbosen's other FP10000Q.

So where is this particular FP10000Q power amplifier different from other Sinbosen FP10000Q?

If you have always heard about Sinbosen's information about product upgrades. I think you should have guessed it. Hahaha.

Ok! Let me reveal this answer!

Perhaps many partners knew that Sinbosen had upgraded four power amplifiers, FP20000Q, FP22000Q, DSP20000Q, and DSP22000Q. The two major upgrades are: increasing the capacitance to 3600uf/200v and upgrading the cooling system of the amplifier. (Click here to learn about the power amplifier upgrade content)

This time, the American customer also consulted after learning some information about Sinbosen product upgrades. Finally, the customer decided to upgrade this cooling system on FP10000Q. Add 8 small fans on the rear panel of the FP10000Q power amplifier. Customers like this upgraded cooling system very much. This upgraded version of the cooling system actually protects the amplifier very well. Enhance heat dissipation and reduce the temperature when the machine is working, making the work of the power amplifier longer and more stable.

The following video is about this special FP10000Q power amplifier. Let's take a look.

In addition to FP20000Q, FP22000Q, DSP20000Q, DSP22000Q upgraded power amplifier. FP10000Q can also choose the upgraded version according to your needs, of course! Sinbosen's original power amplifier is also a very popular power amplifier. Because the FP10000Q has been lengthened the heat sink inside the machine. If you are in a region with a mild climate. The original FP10000Q power amplifier can work well. 

The specific choice is based on your needs. If you have any questions, you can ask Sinbosen. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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