Sinbosen UHF 590-614.75MHz wireless microphone system portable stage monitor
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Sinbosen UHF 590-614.75MHz wireless microphone system portable stage monitor

Item No.: CF-01
Brand: Sinbosen
Model: CF-01
Bandwidth: UHF590-614.75MHz
Modulation Mode: FM(PLL)
Frequency response: 80Hz ~ 15KHz ± 3dB
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Oscillation mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesis
RF stability: ± 0.005%
Bandwidth: UHF590-614.75MHz
Frequency interval: 32MHz
Mode of operation: manual adjustment
Receiving method: single tuning
Sensitivity:   When the offset is equal to 25KHz, when inputting 7dBuV, S / N> 78dB  
Maximum deviation: ± 48KHz
Signal to noise ratio: > 94dB (1KHz-A)
Harmonic distortion: <3% @ 1KHz
 Comprehensive frequency response:   80Hz ~ 15KHz ± 3dB
Output power (32Ω): 2 × 50mW @ 1KHz
Headphone load impedance: ≥16Ω
Output socket: 3.5mmφ stereo headphone socket
Power supply: two No. 3 (AA) batteries
Current consumption: 3V / 120mA

1. This super-excellent receiver is specially designed for traveling, visiting, simultaneous interpretation, audio transmission, and stage portable monitoring.
2. UHF transmission can ensure stable work in the use occasion, and bring more relaxed feeling to the transmitter and receiver.
3. The operation of the receiver is convenient and simple. The volume can be easily controlled using a switch system, and the channel can be controlled by pressing the Up / Down button.
4. The backlit display can clearly show the channel, and the "Lock" lock function can prevent the channel from accidentally changing.
5. At UHF590-614.75MHz
The first four channels are received at UHF590-614.75MHz in the ISM band.
6. Frequency adjustment function provides users with special frequency settings.
7. Frequency lock function can avoid accidental frequency switching.
8. Battery level display.
9. The limiter function can limit the maximum volume of the headset.
10. Squelch circuit: turn off automatically when the signal is too weak to only receive noise.
11. Completely reliable signal transmission.
12. Metal shell with texture.
13. Use No. 5 battery for power supply.
14. The white backlit display can clearly show the channel (turn on the backlight when pressing any button)

1 receiver   2 transmitter



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