Sinbosen Professional D-300 12 Inch Coaxial Speaker Sound DJ Neodymium Coaxial Speaker
Coaxial Speaker

Sinbosen Professional D-300 12 Inch Coaxial Speaker Sound DJ Neodymium Coaxial Speaker

Item No.: D-300
Brand: Sinbosen
Type:  D-300
MF rated Power/ Peak:400W/8Ω 1600W/ Peak
HF rated Power/ Peak:150W/8Ω 500W/ Peak
Sensitivity: 99dB
Line Array: 12 inch Coaxial Speaker
Warrenty: 3 Years
Special Service: OEM Service Offered

Technical Parameters
Neodymium magnetic coaxial D-300
MF rated Power/ Peak: 400W/8Ω 1600W/ Peak
HF rated Power/ Peak: 150W/8Ω 500W/ Peak
Frequency response 55Hz-20KHz 1M/1W
Sensitivity 99dB
Maximum sound pressure 128dB
Nominal coverage angle 80° × 80°
Unit structure 1X12' bass 1X3' treble
Crossover point 2100Hz, with perfect phase response
Hanging parts 16 M8 screw hanging point
Connectors Two 4-core SPEAKON sockets 1+1-INDOOR
Indoor Use Applicable
Wood case 15mm plywood
Waterproof and scratch resistant coating Material polyurea
Size (W x D x H) 400X400X420MM
Net weight 13KG
Recommended high pass filter 50 Hz full frequency (24 dB/oc

The coaxial speaker is designed as a combination of a tweeter and a woofer. The tweeter is skillfully placed at the axis of the woofer. Therefore, it can be ensured that the acoustic center of high and low is the same point, and to solve the problem of phase deviation between high and low speakers of the same speaker. Really close to the original sound source in nature.

Coaxial speakers can replace current treble, midrange, bass (speakers of multiple speaker systems). The trebles, mid-range, and bass (full range sound) Propagation Phase Fidelity of the coaxial speaker is extremely high. Due to the improved phase fidelity, the sound's position sense and the sound's position movement feeling are very accurate (because the phase parameter determines the sound position). Moreover, the respective positions of the sounds emitted by many instruments in music are not easy to be confused, so that the music is clear and transparent (the music has a good resolution).




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