Sinbosen New Group Hg-890 Antenna Amplifier Sr2050 in Ear Monitor Skm9000 Wireless Microphone for Stage Equipment
Wireless Microphone

Sinbosen New Group Hg-890 Antenna Amplifier Sr2050 in Ear Monitor Skm9000 Wireless Microphone for Stage Equipment

Item No.: SKM9000 SR2050 HG-890
Brand: Sinbosen
Type:  SR2050+SKM9000+HG-890
Usage: Hi-Fi, AV, KTV System, Stage, Professional Performance
SR2050 Frequency Response: 798-830MHz(Default)
SKM9000 Frequency Range: 615-655/780-820mhz
Warrenty: 3 Years
Description Product Details Sinbosen Audio Factory

Technical Parameters
Wireless microphone SKM9000
Channel  2CH, 150X2
Frequency Range 615-655mhz, 780-820mhz
Receiver sensitivity -90dBm
Frequency stability ± 10ppm
Audio Frequency Response 40-18000Hz
Harmonic Distortion ≤ 0.5%
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 100dB
Power Specifications 100-240V 50-60Hz (switch power adapter)
Audio output (independent and mixed unbalanced output) 10-30mW transmit power
Modulation Frequency Modulation (FM)
Battery Specifications two on the 5th battery
3 Matching Options
1.Lavalier microphone
2.Handheld microphone
3.Headset microphone

1. UHF band, automatic frequency.
2. Phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer.
3. Receiver automatically scans and locks the current environment
4. The microphone has two power adjustments.
5. Superheterodyne double conversion design with high receiving sensitivity.
6. Multi-stage high performance surface acoustic wave filter with excellent anti-interference ability.
7. The microphone uses a 5th battery and lasts for 6-8 hours.
8. The ideal environment for operating a radius of 100 meters.
9. The microphone uses a dual boost design, and the battery drop does not affect the transmit power.



Product Details

SKM90000 Wirelsee microphone


SR2050 In ear monitor


HG-890 Antenna amplifier


SKM90000 Wirelsee microphone


SR2050 In ear monitor


HG-890 Antenna amplifier
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A power amplifier, which consists of thousands of parts, the quality of the parts, and the details of the production process,
determines whether it is an excellent power amplifier. Our mission is to carefully manufacture each amplifier
so that it fits perfectly with every performance of the customer.

Component quality inspection: It can determine the quality of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformer, and transistors.

The most important function of PCB soldering is to weld all the components together and let them play their roles. The solder joints and the protection component solder joints are not oxidized and dropped off.

In accordance with the specified technical requirements, workers join several parts into components carefully.

4. SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCT TEST  to ensure effective control of product quality.
4-1. Test amplifier board
4-2. Test output and input board
4-3. Test amplifier power supply board
4-4. Test amplifier indicator light

Assemble the components according to the specified technical requirements, after debugging and inspection to make them to be qualified products.

Completely inspect and test the finished product before packing. The oscilloscope can directly display the signal waveform and measure the instantaneous value of the signal.
6-2. Measure the operating voltage of the electronic circuit or component and compare it with the normal value to judge the fault.

Aging test 8-10 hours before packing, ensure the quality of the product is qualified before packing.

Finish all the tests and waiting for clean up.

Use a thick cardboard box, foam and carton protection corner to make transportation without problems.


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