DS-10Q 8 Rear Fans Cooling System Audio Power Amplifier
Amplifier For Line Array Speaker

DS-10Q 8 Rear Fans Cooling System Audio Power Amplifier

Item No.: DS-10Q
Model: DS-10Q
8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 1,350W X 4CH
4Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 2,100W X 4CH
Certification: CE, ROHS
Warranty: 3 Years
Special service: OEM service offered
Description Client's Application
Sinbosen Audio DS-Series Amplifier
  DS-10Q DS-9K DS-14K DS-6Q DS-7K DS-20Q DS-22Q
8 ohm Stereo Power  (RMS) 1350WX4 1800WX2 2400WX2 625WX4 1500WX2 2200WX4 2500WX4
4 ohm Stereo Power  (RMS) 2100WX4 3000WX2 4400WX2 1300WX4 2800WX2 4000WX4 4650WX4
8 ohm Bridged Power (RMS) 4200WX2 6000W 8800W 2500WX2 5600W 8000WX2 9300WX2
4 ohm Bridged Power (RMS) 5000WX2 9000W 14000W 3000WX2 7000W 9000WX2 15000WX2
Frequency Response(+o/-0.3dB,1W/8Ω): 20 Hz - 34 kHz          
THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz for 1W: <0.1%     
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >112 dBA  
Channel separation (Crosstalk) at 1 kHz : >70 dB 
Input Connectors (per channel): 3 pin XLR, electronically balanced  
Output Connectors (per channel): Binding Posts 2-pole 
Class: TD    
TourClass Protection: ACL, IGM, AutoRamp, short circuit, DC voltage, turn on/off transient, current inrush, sub/ultrasonic input  
Operating voltage, 220V / 110V nominal: 180-240 V / 90-130 V selectable 
Voltage Gain(dB): 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44 dB selectable 
Input impedance: 20 kOhm 
Level adjustment (per ch.): Front panel potentiometer, 31 positions detented from -inf to 0 dB


►4 Channel Class TD Switching power amplifier.
►4*2100 Watts into 4Ohms,4*1350 Watts into 8Ohms.
►Creat SUPER sound quality,good for single15"/dual15" speaker.
►Separately controllable on Gain
►Scalable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL)
►Bridge-mode operation for Touring Applications
►Comprehensive protection scheme
►Use Original Siemens high-quality capacitor 3300uf 200V.
►Use Original ONSEMI transistor.
►Neutrik XLR*/speakon connectors.
►High quality fans from TAIWAN.


Sinbosen 2 channel amp sound stereo amplifier work with 18 inch bass speakers   Professional 4 channel 10000 watt power amplifier for subwoofer.   Sinbosen K4-1400 1U 4 Channel 2200W Class D Audio Digital Professional Amplifier Sinbosen K4-1700 4 channels 2800 watts into 4 ohms professional 1u digital class d module amplifier   DSP Software Control LA8 class td Amplifier 4 input 4 output Professional      
2,400W X 2CH @8ohms
4,400W X 2CH @4ohms
2,200W X 4CH @8ohms
4,000W X 4CH @4ohms
1,400W X 4CH @8ohms
2,200W X 4CH @4ohms
1,700WX4CH @8ohms
2,800WX4CH @4ohms
1,450W X 4CH @8ohms
2,200W X 4CH @4ohms
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For Large-scale Activities

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Custom FP10000Q
Add rear fans   Blue Panel  

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