What is a coaxial speaker?

What is a coaxial speaker?

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What is a coaxial speaker?

Coaxial speakers are two speakers mounted on the same axis. Responsible for treble and mid-bass respectively, and these two speakers should also coincide on the diaphragm surface, because their physical positioning is close to the point sound source. Therefore, the sound field localization of playback music is ideal.

Coaxial speakers can replace current treble, midrange, bass (speakers of multiple speaker systems).
The trebles, mid-range, and bass (full range sound) Propagation Phase Fidelity of the coaxial speaker is extremely high. Due to the improved phase fidelity, the sound's position sense and the sound's position movement feeling are very accurate (because the phase parameter determines the sound position). Moreover, the respective positions of the sounds emitted by many instruments in music are not easy to be confused, so that the music is clear and transparent (the music has a good resolution).

Features of coaxial speakers.

In the cabinet design of ordinary crossover speakers, the sound of each frequency band is emitted from different sounding units, and the sound source has different sounding points; while the sounding units of different frequency bands of coaxial speakers have a common axis. Sound from different frequency bands comes from the same axis of a speaker, therefore, the phase interference between different sound emitting units of the coaxial speaker is smaller.

From the figure below, you can understand the sound principle of ordinary crossover speakers and coaxial speakers.

The coaxial speaker is designed as a combination of a tweeter and a woofer. The tweeter is skillfully placed at the axis of the woofer. Therefore, it can be ensured that the acoustic center of high and low is the same point, and to solve the problem of phase deviation between high and low speakers of the same speaker. Really close to the original sound source in nature.

Advantages of coaxial speakers.

1. The installation workload is small, the use space is small, and the small environment can complete the mechanical combination of high, middle and bass units.

The high, middle and bass of traditional speakers need to be installed at different locations for common use, which requires a large installation workload. Coaxial speakers condense the former multi-unit system into a single speaker, which has a small volume, so it can be used Working in a small space environment, this completes the mechanical combination of high, middle and bass units to reduce the size.

2.High performance

Traditional speakers cannot be used under the same point and co-planar conditions because of high, middle and low frequency units.Therefore, its electroacoustic parameters are severely distorted and its electroacoustic performance is poor. 
Coaxial speakers not only mechanically combine high, middle and low frequency units so that each unit can work under the same conditions, and the electro-acoustic parameters really meet the characteristics of the common-point coaxial speaker of "common-point sound, synchronous propagation". Therefore, due to the organic combination of electro-acoustic parameters, the performance of the speaker is greatly improved.

Finally, compare the costs. Traditional speakers need multiple independent high, middle, and low frequency units to be used in order to complete the sound reproduction work in the full range, so the cost is the sum of the cost of each unit. The coaxial speaker is not a full-range sound system composed of multiple independent high, middle, and bass units, so it is equivalent to omitting some materials, so its total cost is reduced.


Coaxial speakers occupy a certain position in line array speakers due to their advantages. The performance of radiated sound has a high degree of phase fidelity, which can achieve standard point sound source playback (sounds are expressed as point sound sources in nature). In terms of hearing, the music reproduced by the coaxial speaker has accurate sound image localization, high music analysis, and great sound field performance. The bass is realistic and cohesive, with a large energy density, and can be retracted and released in a transient state; the midrange vocals are full and sweet. The treble is crystal clear, delicate and penetrating.
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