What equipment does a set of professional stage audio equipment contain?

What equipment does a set of professional stage audio equipment contain?

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Update time : 2021-01-13 10:18:39
A set of professional stage sound equipment is an indispensable part of excellent stage performance. At present, there are many types of stage audio equipment on the market, with different functions, which makes the choice of audio equipment a certain degree of difficulty. In fact, under normal circumstances, professional stage audio equipment is composed of microphone + mixer + amplifier + speaker. In addition to the microphone, the sound source sometimes needs a DVD, a computer to play music, etc., or it can be used only by the computer. But if you want professional stage sound effects, in addition to professional stage construction staff, you need to add sound equipment such as effectors, power sequence controller, equalizers, and voltage limiters.

Here, let's introduce in detail what the professional stage audio equipment mainly includes?

1. Mixer
The mixer is a sound mixing device with multiple channel inputs, the sound of each channel can be processed separately, and has the output functions of left channel, right channel, mixing, monitoring, etc. It is an important equipment for sound engineer and composer to create music and sound.

2. Amplifier
A device that converts audio voltage signals into rated power signals for driving speakers to sound. The matching condition of the power amplifier power is that the output impedance of the power amplifier is equal to the load impedance of the speaker, and the output power of the power amplifier matches the nominal power of the speaker.
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3. Speakers
A loudspeaker is a device that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. According to the principle of electrical type, electromagnetic type, piezoelectric ceramic type electrostatic and pneumatic type.
The sound box is a device for putting the speaker unit into the box. It is not a sound-making part, but a sound-supporting part for displaying and enriching the bass. Generally can be divided into three types: closed speaker, inverted speaker, Maze Speaker. The sound box is quite sensitive to the positioning factor given to it when setting up the stage.
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Microphone is a kind of electroacoustic transducer which converts sound into Electrical Signal. It can be divided into non-directivity (circular) , directivity (heart-shaped, super-heart-shaped) and strong directivity according to its directivity.
1.One of the non-directional band is dedicated to the use of sound;
2.Directivity is used to pick up the sound source such as voice, singing, etc.
3.Strong directivity is the ability to exclude the sound from the left, right and back of the microphone in order to pick up the sound from sound generator, a slender tubular microphone made from a sonic interferometer tube.
According to the structure and application range, there are dynamic microphone, aluminum microphone, condenser microphone, reverberation microphone, modulating microphone and so on.
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5. Reverberator
In the dance hall sound system and large stage lighting concert venue, a very important part is the reverberation processing of human voice. After the reverberation of human singing, it can produce an aesthetic of electronic sound, which makes the singing sound unique. It can cover some defects in the voices of some amateur singers, such as hoarseness, larynx, and sharp noises of the vocal cords, through reverberation processing to make the sound less unpleasant. In addition, the reverb sound can also make up for the phenomenon that the overtones in the timbre structure produced by amateur singers without special vocal training are not rich. This is very important for the effect of stage lighting concerts.

6. Frequency divider
The circuit or device that realizes frequency division is called a frequency divider. There are many types of frequency divider. According to the different waveforms of the frequency-divided signal, there are two types of sine frequency division and pulse frequency division. Its basic function is to divide the full-band audio signal into different frequency bands according to the requirements of the combined speaker box, so that the speaker unit can obtain the excitation signal of the appropriate frequency band and work in a better state.

7. Modulator
Because people's voice conditions are different, the tone requirements of the accompaniment music when singing are also different, some people want lower, some need higher. In this way, it is required that the tone of the accompaniment music should be adapted to the requirements of the singer, otherwise the singing voice and the accompaniment will be very dissonant. If you use an accompaniment band, you will need to use a modulator for transposition processing.

8. Compressor
It is a general term for the combination of compressor and limiter. Its main role is to protect the amplifier and speakers and create special sound effects.

9. Effects
Provide sound field effects, including reverb, delay, echo, and sound equipment with special treatment for sound.

10. Equalizer
It is a device that boosts and attenuates different frequencies and adjusts the ratio of bass, midrange and treble.

The above is the necessary equipment for a complete performance sound system. Is your stage sound equipment perfect?

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