How do active speakers appeal to people with their unique charm?

How do active speakers appeal to people with their unique charm?

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Active speakers. Usually refers to speakers with power amplifiers, such as new stage active speakers, multimedia computer speakers, active subwoofers, and some new home theater active speakers. Since the active speaker has a built-in power amplifier circuit, the user does not have to consider the problem of matching with the amplifier, and it is also convenient to drive directly with a lower level audio signal.

So how do active speakers attract people's favorite with their unique charm?

1. The price is easier to accept

The housing of the independent external amplifier needs to have sufficient mechanical strength and good shielding, so the cost of some well-made housings often reaches 15-20% of the total cost. The power amplifier of the active speaker is set inside the speaker, and the cost is greatly reduced compared to a smaller case.

In the power amplifier circuit, the external power amplifier generally adopts discrete components, the sound quality is good but the cost is high, and the installation and debugging are complicated, and the production is difficult. Active speakers generally use power integrated circuits, the price is low, the design is simple, generally no need to debug, and the protection function is complete, easy to mass production. This further reduces the cost of active speakers.

In terms of wire, the price of excellent audio wire is quite expensive. Active speakers only need one speaker cable, while ordinary speakers require at least one pair, which in turn reduces the cost of active speakers.

2.Easy to connect and easy to use

Active speakers greatly simplify the connection of the sound system, so the connection is simple. The easiest connection system - just a Walkman and a pair of active speakers to form the simplest sound system, only two connections.

3. Save the troubles of matching

The matching of audio equipment is very important, especially the combination of power amplifier and speaker. There are many manufacturers of audio equipment, and the styles are different. If properly matched, the styles of the equipments can complement each other and produce a satisfactory sound. If you don't match it properly, the sound will become harsh or powerless. The power amplifier and speaker of the active speaker are produced by the same manufacturer, sometimes even by the same person. The problem of the matching can be solved before leaving the factory, and the trouble for the user is saved.

★The composition of active speakers

The construction of active speakers can be divided into active and passive parts. The active part is mainly composed of a power amplifier component and a power transformer. The power amplifier component is used to amplify the music signal and implement various control functions, while the power transformer supplies power to the power amplifier component. The passive part mainly includes a speaker, a frequency divider and a speaker cabinet.

The speaker is the final sounding device of the entire sound system. At present, most active speakers use a moving coil design, which is simple in structure, low in cost and good in performance. However, the different requirements for the treble and bass for the speaker are difficult to balance, so two units for the treble and bass must be used separately. Both provide good sound quality and ensure the integrity of the frequency band.

The playback frequency of the woofer is generally between 20 and 6000 Hz, and the aperture is mostly between 3 and 8 inches. The tweeter unit is generally small in size, the reproduction frequency is 1500 to 25000 Hz, and the diaphragm diameter is between 12 and 25 mm.

The role of the divider is to assign the signal to the tweeter and woofer according to the frequency, and the high-level designer can also use the crossover to adjust the tone of the sound. Another function of the divider is to prevent high-power low-frequency signals from damaging the tweeter. Generally, low-end active speakers use only the simplest single-capacitor crossover, which is low in cost but poor in performance, while high-quality speakers are equipped with true crossovers that are carefully designed and adjusted and composed of multiple components.

The role of the cabinet is mainly to prevent the occurrence of "sound short circuit" phenomenon. The "sound short circuit" phenomenon means that the sound waves emitted from the front and back of the speaker are canceled by the phase, which mainly occurs in the low frequency band. If the speaker is not installed on the speaker, there is no bass. The function of the box is to isolate the sound waves on both sides of the speaker to avoid the phenomenon of "sound short circuit".

The combination of speakers, crossovers and cabinets is the top priority of active speakers and is the decisive factor in the sound quality of active speakers. For multimedia active speakers, this combination determines more than 70% of the sound quality of the speakers.


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