The history of Sinbosen audio manufacturer's power amplifier.

The history of Sinbosen audio manufacturer's power amplifier.

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Update time : 2020-08-06 14:35:52
Sinbosen Audio FP Series power amplifier was done a lot of upgraded from 2013-2020. Product upgrade, for example, capacitor upgrade, power amplifier cooling system upgrade, power amplifier board upgrade, transistor upgrade, etc. Or the development and launch of new products, FP22000Q, FP24000, FP8000Q power amplifiers and so on. Just like a small tree grows to a towering tree, we have been constantly growing. Let's take a look, what changes have happened to us?
Take the FP10000Q power amplifier as an example.
2013 Power Amplifier
►10pcs big capacitors and 4pcs small capacitor, they just normal capacitors, not famous brand.

►Shortest heatsink board
2014 Power Amplifier
►It just has two IGBT.  But now we use 3pcs IGBT transistors.

►There is no change in other places compared with the 2013 power amplifier
2015 Power Amplifier
►We start to use Blue panel board. The power amplifier board began to make some changes.

►Others no do big change.
2016 Power Amplifier

►We start to use better capacitors. It is Siemens capacitors, 3300uf 200v. 10PCS, Black color.
2017 Power Amplifier
  ►We start to use Big Blue capacitors. It is also Siemens capacitors, 3300uf 200v. 10PCS.

►And we extended the heatsink board. It is more longer a little bit.  Add more 20mm.

►The IGBT transistor just 2pcs.
2018-Now Power Amplifier
  ►Heat sink upgrade, better cooling system!
►More strong Power supply!
►Support More Bass Sound!
►We add more two Big capacitors. Total 12pcs Big capacitors. Siemens capacitors, 3300uf 200v. Blue color. And the 4 small capacitors are also Siemens. 2200UF 200V.
  ►We make more longer heatsink board. Now the board length is 95mm. But Oldest one just 53mm. Total 42mm Different! ►Add one more IGBT transistor! Make the power supply board more stable!
Above we took FP10000Q as an example to share with you the development history of our power amplifier. Also in 2018-2020, we have also upgraded power amplifiers such as FP20000Q/FP22000Q/DSP20000Q/DSP22000Q.

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enlightened2020 capacitor upgrade again----Click Here to enter for more information.

We never stop to develop more Stable quality for our clients. Thanks for all clients support and trust from 2013! We will make more great audio product in the future!
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