Sinbosen K series low power digital amplifier feedback
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Sinbosen K series low power digital amplifier feedback

Today Sinbosenaudio also collected feedback from six countries on the K series amplifiers. Some are usage feedback received from chats with customers. Some are used on the customer stage.


Sinbosen K series of power amplifiers are K-1200, K-1000, K-800, K4-450, K4-600, K2-450, K2-600, K4-1400 digital power amplifiers. Among them, the low-power 2 channels are K-1200, K-1000, K-800, K2-450, K2-600. Low power 4 channels K4-450, K4-600. High-power 4-channel K4-1400.

K series amplifiers are also very popular among customers. Excellent sound, price advantage, small size and weight, low power, suitable for family parties, ktv and so on.
  K-800 K-1000 K-1200 K4-450 K2-450 K4-600 K2-600 K4-1400
 Output Power 4 Ohms  2CHX1200W 2CHX1500W 2CHX1850W         4CHX2200W
Output Power 8 Ohms 2CHX800W 2CHX1000W 2CHX1200W 4CHX450W 2CHX450W 4CHX600W 2CHX600W 4CHX1400W

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