The new DSP is about to replace the traditional DSP!
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The new DSP is about to replace the traditional DSP!

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Update time : 2022-03-21 15:51:22

Thanks to Sinbosen customers for their support of dsp series power amplifiers, dsp power amplifiers integrate the functions of power amplifier and processor, and the convenient 2-in-1 design is loved by many customers. However, here is a message to inform you all.
Due to Sinbosen's traditional DSP power amplifier (that is, the DSP module added on the basis of the FP series), there is a shortage of manufacturing materials and a shortage of chips, in order to avoid delaying customers' time and improve the production efficiency of power amplifiers. We will suspend the sales of the DSP power amplifier series when the remaining small stock of this batch of DSP series is sold out. If you still have demand for the traditional DSP series, please contact us as soon as possible.
After that, Sinbosen will replace it with a new LA8, 12X DSP amplifier. The power and parameter functions of the LA8 and 12X correspond to the traditional DSP10000Q and DSP20000Q. And on this basis, the power is higher, and the DSP has more functions (it has all the functions of the processor). The two power amplifiers LA8 and 12X are also dsp function modules added on the basis of FP series (FP series are stable and have good sound quality), and also have a new appearance design.
At present, the new LA8 has two more 3300uf large capacitors than the DSP10000Q, and the price is more favorable.


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