New Arrival FIR sampling rate switchable Audio Processor!
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New Arrival FIR sampling rate switchable Audio Processor!

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Update time : 2024-04-02 18:32:52
4X8 LA448 adopts ADI's(Analog Devices) latest fourth generation SHARC processor ADSP 21489, with many conventional audio algorithms such as ①routing / ②gain / ③delay / ④compression / ⑤amplitude limiting / ⑥mute / ⑦equalization / ⑧high-low pass filter / ⑨all pass filter and phase. In addition, the following personalized functions are added, and each function is completely closed or opened independently.

The ADSP-21489 processors are available with unique audiocentric peripherals, such as the digital applications interface, serial ports, precision clock generators, S/PDIF transceiver, asynchronous sample rate converters, input data port.

①Signal input distribution routing (ROUNT): The function is to let this output channel choose which input channel to accept the signal. Generally, you can choose A (1) input, B (2) input or mixed input (A+B or mix mono), if you select A, then the signal of this channel comes from input A, and the signal of input B is not accepted. If you select A+B, then no matter which channel A or B has a signal, this channel will have a signal.
The Front Panel The Rear Panel
Structure Size
A. 96KHz / 192Khz sampling rate switching, with both functions, brings more application scenarios.(Highlights of this processor
B. Dynamic equalizer is automatically optimized for large signal or small signal.
C. FIR filter can perfectly correct the phase distortion caused by system parameter adjustment.
D. The delay of each channel is up to 1200ms, and the precision is optimized to 0.01ms with the fine adjustment of sound field or phase.
E. 4-way input and 8-way output, complete routing assignment, can be set to multiple working modes.
F. Color LCD display, real-time dynamic level display, Chinese and English interface optional.
G. One key mute and global total volume control.
H. Equipped with WiFi / RS485 central control and drive free USB control interface, which can be adjusted by the control software at the PC.

Front and rear panel Interface
②The editing knob is normally volume and mute control. After entering the menu, you can select items and parameter settings by pressing the button
③Menu entry / exit key
④USB online interface
⑤External WiFi controller can be plugged Online (Password:
⑥Power input and switch
⑦Rs485 central control interface
⑧Signal output port
⑨Signal input balance port

The machine is equipped with PC side control software, which can control the machine remotely through WiFi / RS485 / USB port, and the PC side operation is more intuitive and fast.

System flow
The following figure shows the signal flow and algorithm composition of the machine.

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LA448 AD48 P-448 V-360 D-360  

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