Do you know what types of audio power amplifiers are available?

Do you know what types of audio power amplifiers are available?

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The types of audio power amplifiers we commonly see are Class A, Class AB, Class D, Class H, Class TD, Class T, and so on. These are named for a unique technology. In the field of professional stage power amplifiers, the purpose of any technology is to achieve high efficiency, so that you can get relatively better stability and low cost, but it also needs to be completed by more complicated circuits.

Amplifier is the abbreviation of power amplification. For voltage or current amplification, the power amplifier requires a certain, undistorted power, and generally works under a large signal state. Therefore, the power amplifier circuit generally contains special problems that are not found in voltage amplification or current amplification circuits. Specifically in:
① The output power is as large as possible;
② Usually work under the condition of large signal;
③ Outstanding nonlinear distortion;
④Improving efficiency is an important concern;
⑤ Safety issues of power devices.
For audio power amplifier circuits, the above issues also need to be noted.

According to the different conduction methods of the amplifier circuit, audio power amplifier circuits are classified according to two types of analog power amplifiers and digital power amplifiers. Analog audio power amplifiers usually have class A, B, AB, G, H, and TD power amplifiers. Digital circuit power amplifiers are classified into Class D and Class T. Next, let's understand the detailed introduction and analysis of these power amplifier circuits with Sinbosen.

1. Class A amplifier 

Class A power amplifier is a type of amplifier that does not have current cutoff (stop output) during the entire period of the signal. However, Class A amplifiers generate high heat and low efficiency. Although Class A amplifiers have the above disadvantages, the inherent advantage is that there is no crossover distortion, and there are some inherent advantages of the internal principle. It is an ideal choice for replaying music. It can provide very smooth sound quality, round and warm sound, the high frequency is high and clear and the IF has the advantage of being full and transparent. Single-ended amplifiers are all Class A working methods, and push-pull amplifiers can be Class A, B, or A or B.

2. Class B amplifier

Class B amplifier refers to a type of amplifier in which the positive and negative half cycles of the sinusoidal signal are output by the two transistors of the push-pull output stage in turn. The conduction time of each transistor is a half cycle of the signal, which usually produces what we call crossover distortion. Through the adjustment of the analog circuit, the distortion can be reduced or even disappeared as much as possible. Class B amplifiers are significantly more efficient than class A amplifiers.

3. Class AB amplifier

Class AB amplifiers are between Class A and Class B, The on-time of each transistor in push-pull amplification is greater than half a cycle of the signal and less than one cycle. Therefore, the class AB amplifier effectively solves the crossover distortion problem of the class B amplifier, and the efficiency is higher than the class A amplifier, so it has been extremely widely used.

4. Class D amplifier

Class D amplifiers are also called digital power amplifiers, which use extremely high frequency transfer switch circuits to amplify audio signals.

The specific working principle is as follows: Class D amplifier uses asynchronous modulation. When the audio signal period changes, the high-frequency carrier signal remains unchanged. Therefore, when the audio frequency is relatively low, the number of PWM carriers is still high. Therefore, it is very beneficial to suppress high frequency carrier and reduce distortion, and the frequency of the frequency band of the carrier is the frequency of the audio signal. Therefore, there is no problem of mutual interference with the fundamental wave. Many D-type amplifiers with a power of up to 1000W are only as large as VHS tapes. This type of amplifier is not suitable for use as a broadband amplifier, but it has more applications in active subwoofers.

5. Class T amplifier

The principle of this type of power amplifier is the same as that of class D power amplifier, but the signal part adopts DDP technology (the core is the adaptation algorithm and prediction algorithm of small signal). 

The working principle is as follows: after the current of the audio signal entering the speaker is all processed by DDP, control the turning on or off of high-power high-frequency transistors to achieve high-fidelity linear amplification of audio signals.

This type of power amplifier has a high efficiency, low distortion, and sound quality comparable to class AB amplifiers.

6.Class TD power amplifier

The amplification part of this type of audio power amplifier is the same as the principle of class AB power amplifier.

But the power supply part adopts completely independent high-precision adjustable stepless output adjustable digital power supply, the voltage progressive value is 0.1V, and the power is automatically detected to adjust the increase or decrease of the voltage. This type of power amplifier requires a high-precision and adjustable digital power supply, which requires a special design for the power supply, and cannot be concentrated on a chip. Therefore, this type of power amplifier is mainly used on high-quality audio, and the circuit is relatively complicated.

The above is the type and characteristics of power amplifiers that Sinbosen shared with you this time. Perhaps you can use this information to find a power amplifier that suits you.

Knowing the types of amplifiers and their respective characteristics, are you clearer about the type of amplifier you need? Sinbosen's power amplifier types include Class D power amplifiers and Class TD power amplifiers. If you are interested in these two products, please contact us for more related information.

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