Appreciation of SM58 / BETA58A wired microphone by customers from Spain!
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Appreciation of SM58 / BETA58A wired microphone by customers from Spain!

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Update time : 2020-02-15 15:14:24
Some time ago,Sinbosen suddenly received a text message from a Spanish customer. Very pleasantly surprised. The customer from Spain bought a wired microphone in Sinbosen some time ago. Customers really like Sinbosen's microphones. After understanding some microphone products with the salesperson, they finally bought SM58 and BETA58A microphones.

Sinbosen received feedback from Spanish customers. He said:“Hola Miki, el artista es David Barrull. Un artista de gran nivel. Esta usando tus sm58 y el beta58. Son tus productos.” (Hello Miki, the artist is David Barrull. A high level artist. He's using sm58 and beta58. They are your products. ”) WOW! It's really cool! Sinbosen is very happy that his products can be liked by customers, and very happy that our products can give customers a good experience.

Seeing the photos sent by customers, this is a very happy party!

Looking forward to the next stage of customers. Thank customers for their love and recognition of Sinbosen products, and look forward to working with customers again.

SM58 and BETA58 are among the most popular microphones among Sinbosen's many wired microphones.

Feature one: vocal microphone, full and clear sound. It is the best choice for live stage performance.
In noisy environment, it can accurately capture the main sound source while reducing background noise.

Feature two: sturdy construction, reliable anti-shock system and steel mesh cover. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, it has stable performance.

Feature 3: High sensitivity and frequency response, clear and delicate sound, frequency response specially modified for human voice, with bright midrange and bass attenuation.

Feature 4 : suitable for live performances and recording in recording studios.

Feature 5: with transformer.
Match the impedance of the amplifier circuit to the impedance of the microphone coil. It also filters common mode noise. Reproduce perfect vocals.

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