A Wireless microphone system to create the perfect stage!
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A Wireless microphone system to create the perfect stage!

Do you know the secret to a perfect stage? Haha. I think you would say: That's too much, every detail is important!
Yes. Behind every perfect stage requires the joint efforts of all parties. Today, let's not talk about anything but audio devices.
For customers from Puerto Rico, a good wireless microphone system is the secret to their successful stage. 

Yesterday, Sinbosen received the pictures they shared. They said: The wireless microphone SKM9000 and the stage sound monitor EW100G3 worked very well and brought a good effect to their stage.

The wireless microphone SKM9000 and stage monitor EW100G3 are two very popular wireless microphones. Puerto Rico customers are also attracted by their charm. Why can SKM9000 and EW100G3 be chosen?
►Working distance: 100m
►Frequency Range: 513-558mhz, 615-655mhz, 780-820mhz
►Matching Options: 1.Lavalier/Handheld/Headset microphone
►Superheterodyne double conversion design with a high receiver sensitivity.
►Multi-level high-performance surface acoustic wave filters with excellent anti-jamming capability.
►Mute circuit specially designed to completely eliminate the microphone.
  ►1680 number of channels
►42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception.
►Highest reception quality thanks to true diversity technology.

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