Your stage is up to you! SKM9000 wireless microphone brings real vocals!
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Your stage is up to you! SKM9000 wireless microphone brings real vocals!

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Update time : 2019-08-14 17:20:52

Recently, we collected feedback from customers in Poland, Peru and Puerto Rico about using the SKM9000 microphone. Let's take a look, In the eyes of customers, what is the SKM9000 wireless microphone?

This is a band from Puerto Rico. They purchased Sinbosen's SKM9000 wireless microphone. Used in their concerts. It can be seen from the picture that this is a cool concert. If I am on the scene, I may also want to sing together. Sinbosen looks forward to your next concert.

Sinbosen is very happy that SKM9000 can get your support and recommendation, and you are also a good partner of Sinbosen.


Customers from Poland also purchased the FP10000Q amplifier while purchasing the Skm9000 and held an event in the local area. 
The FP10000Q and SKM9000 are a very popular group and many customers like this combination very much. 

SKM9000 has a clear voice, FP10000Q has powerful power, and customers have a wonderful stage!


Feedback from a customer in Peru.
This is a concert with more than 3,000 people. Very spectacular scene.


The microphone is one of the indispensable protagonists on the stage! It is also like a powerful weapon indispensable to every musician! SKM9000 can become a powerful weapon for customers. Sinbosen is very proud of this.

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