Dual 12 inch WPL speakers customized by a Mexican customer
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Dual 12 inch WPL speakers customized by a Mexican customer

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Update time : 2022-10-25 17:37:38
This is a finished product of dual 12-inch 3-way WPL speakers customized by a Mexican customer. This customer has purchased power amplifiers from Sinbosen before and is satisfied with Sinbosen's service and product quality. So, when the customer has a speaker purchase plan, he also considers Sinbosen's customization service, and asks if we can customize the production of this speaker.
He was pleasantly surprised to learn that we could produce this speaker. He made some detail requests to Sinbosen, such as horns, rigging, spray paint, etc. Sinbosen checks and produces according to the customer's requirements. He customized 8 WPL double 12-inch line array speakers in Sinbosen, The WPL is a full horn-loaded, bi-amp driven dual 12" 3-way line array system. Its high output is achieved by applying horn loading technology to all frequency bands, which effectively boosts the acoustic output energy in the low, mid and high frequencies.

Imported voice coil and cone, high quality Neodymium woofer and tweeter
►Rigging components:high grade steel with anti-corrosion coating
►FIrst grade Russian birch plywood 

Sound Test of WPL Line Array
Because of the recent production of other loudspeaker orders, the Sinbosen speaker factory finally completed this batch of orders in more than one month. Then it is transported by ship to the destination (Mexico) requested by the customer, which takes about 1 month too.

If you also have custom speaker needs, or custom needs for other audio products. Feel free to contact us. Like this WPL dual 12-inch speaker, in all the information released and promoted by Sinbosen, it did not appear in any form, but the customer asked about it by accident, and Sinbosen just happened to be able to produce it, which naturally led to this cooperation.

So, tell Sinbosen what you need, and we'll do our best to provide the products you need!It is very important to listen to the opinions of our customers, and Sinbosen is to constantly listen to the needs of our customers to develop and improve ourselves. So, if you have any suggestions for the company and products, you can also contact us!

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