What is the effect of using the 4650W high power DSP amplifier DSP22000Q?
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What is the effect of using the 4650W high power DSP amplifier DSP22000Q?

Customers from Switzerland shared live effects videos of DSP22000Q power amplifier with Sinbosen. It's such a cool video that Sinbosen can't wait to share it with everyone!
DSP22000Q is a cool high power amplifier.
enlightened8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 2,500W X 4CH;  4Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 4,650W X 4CH;
For 18-inch and 21-inch subwoofers, Create SUPER sound quality
enlightenedWith DSP board: Simple and easy-to-use functions

 Software control     Multiple power amplifier controls     Touch screen 
Amplifier built-in processor,4 inch size led screen can touch,control the amplifier sound effect   One PC can independent control serveral dsp amplifier at the same time    DSP amplifier also control by  PC,through software can more precise adjustment dsp processor

enlightenedNew upgrade: increase capacitance and enhance heat dissipation. The performance of the amplifier is more stable and more powerful.
 Capacitor     New Cooling System
The old one is 3300UF 200V and now the new is 3600UF 200V.
Totally add more 300UF capacity.
The amplifier power supply board is better than before,
it will make your subwoofer bass sound quality more loud and powerful.
  We upgrade cooling system, added 8 fans on the rear panel.
Enhance the heat dissipation capability of the amplifier.

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