Welcome international students visiting Sinbosen Amplifier Factory!
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Welcome international students visiting Sinbosen Amplifier Factory!

At Sinbosen Audio, most of the people in the management, sales, and operations departments are from the same university. This makes our company have deep feelings with our alma mater! Today, we greeted the international exchange students of the alma mater! They came here to visit and study our products and working ability.

We are like a big family hahahalaughlaughlaugh

They have 30 people, some of them are from Africa, South America, and the Middle East countries. What impressed us is although they are from different countries, their Chinese is good!

First activity: Visit our Sinbosen Amplifier Workshop
We introduced the production process of the amplifiers(Want to know more? click here Power Amplifier Production Process, They are also very interested, can't wait to consult our main market, what materials we used and how many amplifiers can be produced in a month, etc. I feel that they are curious about everything, this is a good habit!

Second activity: Learn more about our development history and business
Sinbose Audio focusing on switching power amplifier, Digital amplifier, DSP amplifier, Microphone, and line array speaker. ( (Want to know more? click here About Sinbosen
Our manager Hong Lee heart hosted the meeting, and here
I would like to praise Hong!! She is great!! All students
are listening carefully to her speech and asking questions

And we found that some students are very interested in our products, they even want to sell our products in their country! You can see our photos, they took away the product catalog, I believe this is the beginning of our cooperation!yes

This is a very meaningful day! Thanks to all the colleagues of Sinbosen Audio, I believe that international exchange students feel our enthusiasm! Thanks also to international students! In communication, their questions gave us more ideas! enlightened
We are happy to have more opportunities to let more people visit our factory and know more about our products! If you want to visit our factory, please contact us!
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