Power amplifier MUTE light is on, how to do?

Power amplifier MUTE light is on, how to do?

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Question 1.Why does the power amplifier appear MUTE light?
There are many reasons for this situation, the most common reason is excessive instantaneous current. When the input signal is too large, lasts a long time, overload, the amplifier will be short-circuited, and the MUTE light will appear.
Such as we have USA client feedback this amplifier broken.Let we see what is he did:
As we know,if you have 18 inch subwoofer,we usually suggestion use the FP14000 or FP20000Q power amplifier,but he didn't have.
So he use the FP10000Q power amplifier with bridge mode connect 2 pcs 18 inch subwoofer.

For now we thought it without problem,but why his amplifier broken?
Because for bridge model,the spoken connect it need 1+2-,but forgot the change the spoken connector(with 1+1-)
More information with how to amplifier bridge,click with this link:
Question 2.What should I do if the MUTE light is on?

When the power amplifier has one or more MUTE lights on, you should stop using it to avoid secondary damage.
Generally, there should be a problem with the power amplifier board or the channel board. So we need to do the following operations to eliminate the problem.

Below operation is under amplifier power off state.
If you have turned on the amplifier, please wait 15 minutes before operating it.

Which channel's MUTE light is on, we have to twist the screw and open the channel plate that the corresponding MUTE light is on.
The power amplifier boards corresponding to the A, B, C, and D channels are as shown in the following figure.

Insulation should be paid between the board and the board in the power amplifier. If it is not insulated, the two boards are in contact with each other, which is likely to cause a short circuit.
Therefore, after disassembling a power amplifier board, it is necessary to place the insulation board underneath it to avoid contact with the lower board.

Find the 8 Pins cable below the corresponding power amplifier board and unplug it.

Unplug the 8 Pins and turn on the amplifier switch.
At this time, if the MUTE light of the power amplifier is not lit, it indicates that there is a problem with the corresponding power amplifier board. If the MUTE light continues to illuminate, there is a problem with the channel board.

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