The correct sequence of turning on and off audio equipment

The correct sequence of turning on and off audio equipment

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Update time : 2021-01-20 10:37:11
Whether it is a multi-channel cinema system or a KTV system, or a complex function conference system, stage performance sound system, it is composed of multiple independent sound systems. For example: signal source, decoder, combined power amplifier, song equipment, wireless microphone, effector, pre-stage and post-stage, etc.

Some people save trouble for convenience, turn off the power of the plug-in board and turn off the audio system when shutting down; When the power is turned on, all power is turned on as soon as the plug-in board is opened. Although this method saves trouble, it has hidden dangers. Because this operation will generate inrush current and anti-peak voltage, these two impacts will often damage audio equipment. The damage of some equipment is mostly caused at the moment of starting or shutting down, and the damage is not in the normal working state. Even if each device is switched on and off independently to start and close the system, the incorrect switch sequence is also not conducive to equipment maintenance. Today we are going to talk about the issue of device switching sequence.

The normal switching sequence of audio equipment is very important. If you do not follow the standard procedures, it may directly damage the power amplifier, mixer or other accessories.

The correct boot sequence of audio equipment is to boot in the direction of the audio signal flow:
Turn on the signal source, decoder, equalizer, effector, combined power amplifier (or previous power amplifier and then subsequent power amplifier) in turn.

The correct shutdown sequence is to turn off the power amplifier first, and then turn off other devices in the opposite order of turning on. In this way, the impact of surge current and anti-peak voltage on the equipment can be effectively avoided.

At present, for ease of use, when configuring professional audio systems, we usually use power sequencers, which are used to control the on/off of electrical equipment, such as various audio engineering, TV broadcasting systems, computer network systems, and One of the indispensable equipment for other electrical engineering.

The power sequencer can start the power supply one by one from the front-end equipment to the back-end equipment. When the power supply is turned off, all kinds of electrical equipment are shut down from the back-end to the front-end. The power sequencer effectively manages and controls the sub-units in the audio system. It prevents the phenomenon of surge current and anti-peak voltage from acting on all equipment at the same time and damaging audio equipment, ensuring the stability of the entire professional audio system.

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