Sinbosenaudio power amplifier FP10000Q feedback from European customers.
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Sinbosenaudio power amplifier FP10000Q feedback from European customers.

A collection of Sinbosenaudio FP10000Q power amplifier feedback from European customers. Today Sinbosen collected FP10000Q power amplifiers shared by 4 European countries. Let's take a look at how customers rate the Sinbosen FP10000Q amplifier.

This is what the first customer from a European country said:

I received the amplifier today.
Packaging was perfect. The amplifier was very safe.
I will test it later to check the performance and quality.

Sinbosenaudio pays great attention to ensuring the safety of product transportation and packaging. We use high-quality and high-density anti-collision foam. High-quality carton packaging and product protective corner packaging. Ensure product safety during transportation.

The customer has not tested it yet. But Sinbosenaudio is confident. Hahahaha. It must be a very good effect. Wait for the customer to share and feedback the effect of the power amplifier again. Sinbosenaudio will definitely share it with everyone.

The second European customer is from the Netherlands:

for those who are interested yes
did a test last week and a number of colleagues were impressed 

The customer said that he wanted to introduce Sinbosenaudio FP10000Q power amplifier to his friends, and his friends were very interested in Sinbosenaudio FP10000Q power amplifier. Hahahahaha. Thank you for your super supportlaugh.

Sinbosen is very happy that the FP10000Q amplifier can leave a deep impression on customers and their colleagues and friends.

The next customer is a customer from Hungary:

2 4.8sp, and 4 fp10000q from you :)

The customer bought two processors 4.8SP and four FP10000Q power amplifiers. The customer also shared pictures of the effect when used on site. It seems. The FP10000Q power amplifier is indeed a bright twinkling star in the dark nightenlightenedenlightened

This is a customer from France, he said:

first amplifier fp10000q buy from you.
yes great we are very happy with this product.

This is the customer's first purchase of FP10000Q. I am honored that the customer chose Sinbosenaudio FP10000Q amplifier and liked the effect of the FP10000Q amplifier very much. In the end, the customer gave 100 points without hesitation. This full score makes me very excited just like when I got a full score in school before. Hahahahaha.

Finally, a customer from Bulgaria:

A good way to present the good monitors, powered by your amps.

The customer used the FP10000Q power amplifier at an event. The customer used the FP10000Q power amplifier at an event. Three blue panel power amplifiers FP10000Q and FP14000 power amplifiers. I have always felt that the blue panel is very different. A very special event and a special amplifier are very suitable.

In the past, SInbosenaudio also shared a lot of feedback on FP10000Q amplifiers from different countries and continents. If you want to get more feedback on FP10000Q, you can check our previous news. Or give us attention and leave a message. We will continue to share the feedback of the FP10000Q amplifier with you in the future.

Now, Sinbosenaudio has added overseas warehouses in the United States and the Czech Republic. For European customers and American customers, buying power amplifiers can save more money.

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Overseas warehouse FAQ: Great News!Sinbosenaudio have warehouse in European&USA

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