How is it amazing?Sinbosenaudio made the home party be easy
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How is it amazing?Sinbosenaudio made the home party be easy

In those 2 years,we heard many clients feedback and said:
It is bad,no event”“We are still blockadedIm so board isolated at home
How is your condition?
If you want your life become more Funny and interesting,and enjoy the party in home time,follow Sinbosenaudio step,see how easy to run a home party.

First,you need one set Sinbosenaudio 2 channels KTV amplifier S450.For this amplifier it have 3 functions:
1.It can be as a UHF wireless microphone,it mean you can use to speak and sing song.
2.It also have power amplifier:8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 450WX2CH
3.It also have effector,you can adjust the sound effects.Now let see detail information also can click there:
If just the KTV amplifier,where the sound?Lets see Sinbosenaudio full range speaker,we have 10 inch and 12 inch for your choose.
Inch  Single 10/12 inch speaker
Frequency range  72Hz-20KHz
Frequency response  90Hz 20KHz
Sensitivity  95db SPL
Rated impedance   8 ohms
Maximum sound pressure level output 122dB/ 124dB/ 127dB/124dB
Coverage angle 70°X60°(HxV)

If you want know more details,client this link:
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