Sinbosen Villa Summer Tour-Together, we will win!
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Sinbosen Villa Summer Tour-Together, we will win!

Where did you travel this year? Or where are you going to travel? If you are willing to share your story, I will be happy to listen.wink
Now I will share our story. This article may take you 3 minutes to show you the beautiful scenery of Huizhou and interesting things happening on the tour.
First day
Part 1--ChuangLongXia drifting

"ChuangLongXia drifting: It is currently the most natural river in the river and has the highest forest coverage in the scenic area. The scenic spot is located in the National AAAA National South Kunshan National Forest Park. The scenery is beautiful and charming. It is the best choice for urban people to relax and reduce the pressure."

Have you been drifting? If not, then I suggest you really have to try it once! Because it's really exciting and so fun! Don't think that the Sinbosen team is almost all girls, don't dare to play these exciting projects, in fact, we are not afraid of anything hahaha. Because we know: Together, we will win!

Part 2--Fuli Nankunshan Health Valley Vill
Fuli Nankunshan Health Valley Vill: “There are many natural and cultural tourist attractions such as Longmen Hot Spring, Xiangxi Fort, Hot Spring Grand View Garden, Longmen Peasant Painting Museum, Lantian Yao Nationality Garden and many other places.”

This is the place where we sleep at night, it is a villa with European architectural style. I regret not taking a few more photos! There are many fun facilities in the villa, please read onlaugh

Go Swimming
Here you can enjoy the sunbath and swimming! This should be the happiest thing in summer! And, we also have music! We bring our speakers there, that's a great ideaenlightened This is very enjoyable, no work, no worries, as the movie said: Hakuna Matata~~

Playing billiard and table tennis
We don’t know much about billiards, but it's never too late to learn! 

How can you lack a BBQ in summer? And with beer, perfect!

The next day--Wandong Ancient Village
This is a park with Chinese garden style. we took a lot of photos here hahaha. We have left many wonderful memories here, I hope that we can vacation here again next time. 

There is an old saying in China: "Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles mile." Sinbosen Team went out to travel, not only relaxing but also seeing more things. This allows us to treat our lives and work with a more enthusiastic attitude, to communicate with you in a more efficient way, to provide better products and services!

Happy time is always short, now we have returned to Guangzhou to start our work. If you want to know more about our products, don't hesitate to click here to contact us!

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