Power amplifier panel | 7 colors to choose from

Power amplifier panel | 7 colors to choose from

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Update time : 2020-04-03 10:44:30
There is no doubt that the most important thing of a product is quality! Of course, product performance and product effect are also very important. But there is one more important thing: the appearance of the product. 
A product with a good-looking appearance is also very attractive. Just like the power amplifier, the beautiful appearance, does it also feel that the entire stage equipment is special.

In the design of the power amplifier panel, SInbosen produced several different types and different colors of power amplifier panel. Classic black, new black, silver, red, blue, white, etc. Loved by many customers.

The panel of each amplifier is made of high quality metal and is very sturdy. It can protect the internal circuit boards and components of the power amplifier; prevent electric shock; efficient heat dissipation; prevent foreign objects from falling into it.

Is there a panel you like?

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