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Crazy FP22000Q! Sound Test Video!!

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Update time : 2019-05-20 18:30:13
First of all, good news! We have upgraded FP22000Q!
-We replaced the 3300uf capacitor with the 3600uf capacitor.
-We added 8 small fans to the rear panel!

It can make the amplifier a better cooling system. More stable and make your bass more loud and powerful!


Client Feedback from the United States
VideoⅠ, you will see the subwoofers with treble 18" horns inside. The power of the subwoofers: Average power: 2000W/4ohms;Continuous power: 4000W/4ohms.

Video Ⅱ, Our customers are very satisfied with Fp22000Q! They said:Pick up with ease my 4 JBL stx800.” They connect dual 18-inch bass JBL STX828 per channel. The power of the subwoofers: Program power rating 4000W. This party around 350 people, they enjoyed a great night!

Client Feedback from Mexico
Our Clients said: "16 speakers 21" only 2 FP 22000 super cool!” (16 bocinas off 21" only 2 FP 22000 súper genial)


Client Feedback from Nevis/Ghana/Italy
Customers from Ghana say:"The FP22000Q is very powerful! Trust me! There are more than 1,000 people at this party."
Customers from Italy say:"FP22000Q is different from FP20000Q/FP14000, FP22000Q is more strong, amp's level is very quiet but subs pump a lotyes."


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