Sinbosen D4-2000 digital amplifier PK other similar models amplifier.

Sinbosen D4-2000 digital amplifier PK other similar models amplifier.

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Update time : 2020-12-26 12:34:45
Both of these models are 1U digital power amplifiers. In order to better let customers see the advantages of D4-2000 . We made a special comparison.

Why is the price of D4-2000 digital amplifier more expensive? Because we use higher quality accessories. Higher-quality equipment allows the power amplifier to truly exert its power.

1.Different output power

D4-2000 is a digital power amplifier suitable for 2 ohms. 4 channel.  Its power is:
8Ω: 2,000W X 4CH
4Ω: 3,400W X 4CH
2Ω: 4,760W X 4CH
The other one is also 4 channels, but the power is 200W less than D2-4000: 8Ω: 1,800W X 4CH.
In comparison: D4-2000 is more powerful!
2.The overall structure is different

The overall length of D4-2000 is longer. The internal structure is more compact. The structure of the other one is shorter, and the internal structure is more open.
3.Selection of accessories of different quality

1)Heat sink

On the heat sink, you can clearly see: there are 4 parts on the D4-2000 channel board, and there is a large one on the power board. The other one is 5 and it is also shorter.

The heat sink used by Sinbosen is imported raw materials, which can better allow the machine to dissipate heat and make the machine work more stable.

2)Different quality of connectors used

In the connection port, Sinbosen uses Original imported Neutrik connectors. It can be more practical and firm in use. Many times, the long-term connection can still be more fixed. The other connector used is a very cheap connector, which is very unfavorable for multiple connections.

3)Transformers and inductors use different numbers

On the transformer, Sinbosen D4-2000 used 3, on the inductor, the channel board used 8 and the power board used 4 large ones. There are 12 in total. Make the power amplifier more stable and powerful when in use. The other one uses 2 transformers. In the inductor, a total of 8 power boards and channel boards are used, and they are all small.

The quality of the raw materials used in the power amplifier also determines the sound quality of the power amplifier.

Sinbosen has been committed to making more high-quality power amplifier products. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, and strictly control the selection of raw materials and accessories. Let our products have better performance and stability.

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