Sinbosen Amplifier Manufacturer power amplifier production details process.

Sinbosen Amplifier Manufacturer power amplifier production details process.

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Do you know the details of the production process of the power amplifier? The production of a power amplifier requires the cooperation of every component, and every process needs to be treated carefully.
  1. Parts testing

Quality inspection of components: ensure the quality of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers and transistors.
2. Welding

PCB soldering, welding all components together to make them work. The solder joints and the protection component solder joints are not oxidized and dropped.
  3. Assembly of components

Through professional technology, workers will connect multiple parts to the assembly.
4. Semi-finished product testing
Ensure effective testing and control of product quality.

4-1 Test amplifier board

4-2 Test output and input board

4-3 Test amplifier power board

4-4 Test amplifier indicator
  5. Product assembly

Assemble components according to the specified professional technology. After debugging and inspection, it becomes a qualified product.
6. Finished product testing

After assembly and testing are completed, and before packaging, strict product inspection and testing.

6-1 Oscilloscope can directly display the signal waveform and measure the instantaneous value of the signal.

6-2 Measure the operating voltage of the electronic circuit or component and compare it with the normal value to judge the fault.
  7. Aging test

The amplifier will conduct an aging test for 8-10 hours before packaging to ensure that the product quality is qualified before packaging.
8. Finished products

Complete all tests and clean up the product.
  9. Packaging

The use of thick cardboard boxes and foam keeps the product from being damaged during transportation.
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