The Canton Fair and Sinbosen customer visit in May
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The Canton Fair and Sinbosen customer visit in May

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Update time : 2023-05-31 23:42:21

Recently, many SINBOSEN customers from all over the world came to China to participate in the Canton Fair. Then they came to Sinbosen to visit the power amplifier factory and the speaker factory, and tested the sound at the factory. Sinbosen entertained them one by one, and prepared the prototype and debugging work in advance according to their respective needs.

The Canton Fair is one of the largest trade exhibitions in the world, with hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and buyers visiting every year. So far, it has a history of 59 years and is currently the longest, highest level, largest scale, most comprehensive variety of goods, most attended buyers, and most widely distributed in various countries and regions in China. It has the best transaction results and the best reputation as a comprehensive international trade event. At present, the exhibition scale of each Canton Fair reaches 1.185 million square meters, with nearly 26000 domestic and foreign exhibitors and approximately 200000 foreign buyers from over 210 countries and regions attending.

The Canton Fair is held once a year in spring and once a year in autumn, usually at the China Import and Export Commodity Fair Exhibition Hall in Pazhou District, Guangzhou. The exhibition hall is divided into multiple exhibition areas, covering multiple industries and fields.

The 133rd Canton Fair, which was recently held, currently includes 16 categories of goods: electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, new energy, daily consumer goods, gifts, home decorations, textiles and clothing, shoes, office bags and leisure goods, medicine and healthcare, and food.
Divided into 3 installments based on time and exhibits, such as the 133rd edition.

Phase 1: April 15-19, 2023
Exhibition Scope: Electronics and Home Appliances, Electronic Consumer Goods, Lighting, Vehicles and Accessories, Machinery, Hardware Tools, Building Materials, Chemical Products, New Energy
Phase 2: April 23-27, 2023
Exhibition scope: daily consumer goods, toys, festivals and gifts, furniture and home decorations, tableware, ceramics, gardens
Phase 3: May 1-5, 2023
Exhibition scope: Textile fabrics and clothing, shoes, office bags and leisure products, medicine and healthcare, food
There are many other exhibitions besides the Canton Fair, such as the International Professional Lighting and Sound Expo. It is possible to discover or gain a deeper understanding of the desired product.

The 21st Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition have been held grandly in Zone A of the China Import and Export Commodity Trading Exhibition Hall from May 22 to 25, 2023.
Exhibition Scope
Professional audio equipment, systems, and accessories (speakers, audio accessories and wiring, mixing consoles, DJ equipment, effectors, amplifier systems, microphones, public address equipment, and other audio equipment)
Professional lighting equipment, systems, and accessories (laser technology, LED, dimming equipment, outdoor lighting, stage lighting systems, other lighting and related equipment)
Stage equipment and systems (aviation box, manual or electric hoist, lifting platform, projection and display technology, stage special effects, stage decoration materials, curtains, suspension devices, and other stage equipment)
Audiovisual and transmission equipment (television and radio broadcasting equipment, conference systems, audio and video network systems, and other audiovisual and transmission equipment)
Other related accessories (cables, connectors and switches, LENS lenses, central processing units, graphics processors, hard drives, drones, robots)
Projection and display (projector, projection screen and curtain, projector lens and accessories, display - LCD/LED/OLED/outdoor, light touch display, video wall)

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