Precautions for the use of power sequence controller

Precautions for the use of power sequence controller

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Update time : 2021-04-12 11:36:43
Application of Power sequence controller

If you have a professional tuning team, you can use audio equipment skillfully for the sound system used in large-scale, then the power sequence controller may not be necessary for them. If not, then the power sequence controller is a very important role.

Similarly, in the audio system for scene applications such as conference training rooms, KTV entertainment venues, home entertainment living rooms, public broadcasting, etc., due to the lack of professional tuner operation, most of the on-site users are not standard in debugging operations, which requires the configuration of power sequence controller , so that users can easily manage and control the opening and closing of audio equipment.

Notes on the use of Power sequence controller

1) Connect correctly according to the requirements, pay attention to the switching sequence and power capacity, and one-to-one correspondence with the system connection. It is best to label the power plug and check it before use. If possible, make a backup of the sequencer.

2)For high power consumption equipment such as post-stage power amplifiers, due to the large working current, the connectors need to be regularly checked, especially in mobile performance applications, vibration during transportation will cause the plug to loosen, and check for oxidation in wet weather phenomenon, avoid poor contact or increased resistance after oxidation, resulting in heat damage.

3)The selection of the power sequence controller is mainly based on the number of access devices and the maximum power consumption of high-power devices such as power amplifiers, which can meet the actual work needs and avoid waste of resources.

4)In the cascading use and expansion of equipment in many cases, it is necessary to pay attention to the access to the total current, and it is best to control the power supply separately from the current control of the light.


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