Great News!Sinbosenaudio have warehouse in European&USA

Great News!Sinbosenaudio have warehouse in European&USA

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Update time : 2021-04-22 18:54:37
1.Where are Sinbosenaudio warehouse
Sinbosenaudio have 2 warehouse.
One for USA,it located in Los Angeles;See the video to delivery amplifier to USA warehouse from China.

Another for European warehouse,located in Czech Republic

2.Sinbosenaudio have warehouse in USA&European,What is the advantages for clients
Advantage 1:Due to the difficult time,shipping cost is up each month,sometimes even up 1 week,but the delivery time longer than the before.
Sinbosenaudio have warehouse it can save clients shipping cost,it can save about 60-90 USD/pcs
Advantage 2:European clients feedback the customs tax are high.
Sinbosenaudio have warehouse in European warehouse shipping to your door without any customs tax.

3.Which model Sinbosenaudio amplifier in warehouse?  
Power amplifier FP10000Q
Power amplifier FP14000
Power amplifier FP20000Q
Power amplifier FP220000Q

Digital amplifier D4-2500
Digital amplifier D4-2000
Digital amplifier D2-3500
Digital amplifier D2-3000
Digital amplifier K4-1400
Digital amplifier K4-600
Digital amplifier K4-450
More models you need,pls contact with us

4.What is the power amplifiers specification in warehouse?
The power amplifiers specification it for normal and all for the newest version.2 warehouse different for the voltage and plug.
USA warehouse:All amplifier for 110V USA plug(if you need 220v,you can contact us,then we will send link tell you how to change the voltage,or you also can click there to study)
European warehouse:All for 220V European warehouse

5.How can I order from the warehouse?
About the order step,it is same with order from China.You can inquiry Sinbosenaudio which model you need,then give you details cost,after you confirmation,we can send payment information or payment link to you.
The payment same as China accepted with Paypal/Alibaba/Aliexpress/Western Union/Bank transfer

6.After payment,which way to delivery the amplifier?
After get your payment,we will ask warehouse to shipping and it have tracking number to your follow the information.
USA Warehouse: it will shipping by Fedex or UPS.
European warehouse:Shipping by DHL
PS:It have some Non-EU counties have some special,such as UK,it not allowd shipping
Due to the advantages and delivery time from China to warehouse,it selling very fast,sometimes will without stock,so if want to know more detail information and stock list,pls contact us:
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