The new 4-channel digital amplifier K4-800, K4-1000 is coming!
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The new 4-channel digital amplifier K4-800, K4-1000 is coming!

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Update time : 2022-11-29 19:35:00
Digital power amplifiers have several distinct features, such as small size, light weight, high efficiency, low calorific value, and high power. The sound is less distorted than the analog power amplifier of the same price, the sound is loud and powerful, and the digital signal will not bring phase delay, phase distortion, crossover distortion, etc. during the transmission process. The advantage of hearing is that the sound will be more transparent, the positioning will be more accurate, and the sound will be closer to reality. More and more people like digital power amplifiers, and they are more and more widely used in various professional places!
In the past, Sinbosen had K4-450 (4-channel 450W), K4-1400 (4-channel 1400W), K4-1700 (4-channel 1700W) and other 4-channel digital power amplifiers, as well as K-800 (2-channel 800W), K-1000 ( 2-channel 1000W), K-1200 (2-channel 1200W) and other 2-channel digital power amplifiers. The parentheses are the output power under 8Ω impedance. However, there are many customers who need 4 channels and ask: why there is no K4-800, K4-1000?
This is a good question. So now, Sinbosen is putting K4-800 (4 channels 800W), K4-1000 (4 channels 1000W) on sale! Like K4-450 and K4-1400, K4-1700, we will also plan to put K4-800 and K4-1000 Add to overseas warehouses in Mexico, USA and Europe! K4-800 and K4-1000 are very suitable for full-range speakers, special monitor speakers, 4 channels can be connected to a single 15-inch monitor speaker per channel.

Sinbosen's K4 SERIES amplifier:
Model K4-800 K4-1000 K4-1400 K4-1700
Output Power 1KHz ,<0.05%THD:
8Ω Stereo Power: 4x800W 4x1000W 4x1400W 4x1700W
4Ω Stereo Power: 4x1200W 4x1400W 4x2200W 4x2800W
8Ω Bridge Power: 2x2400W 2x2800W 2x4500W 2x5000W
4Ω Bridge Power: 2x3100W 2x3500W 2x5500W 2x6100W
THD (20Hz-20kHz for 1W): < 0.1%
THD (1kHz and 1 dB below clipping): < 0.05%
DSP Processor: No
Signal Noise Ration: > 106dB
Frequency Response(+/-0.1dB): 10Hz- 34kHz
Damping coefficient: > 600
Impedance(balanced/unbalanced): 20KΩ/10KΩ
Gain (optional): 0.775V/1V/32dB
Output socket: Speakon Connectors(NEUTRIK)
Input socket: Combo XLR type,3pin(NEUTRIK)
Link socket: No
Protection: Short circuit, open circuit, thermal,overload,
 DC, super audio protection
Power Requirement: 90-265V~50Hz(PFC)
Size(W x H x D): 483x429x44mm
Weight(net): 9Kg 9Kg 10.5Kg 11Kg

K4-SERIES : 1U 4-channel power amplifier, small size, light weight, easy to install. The circuit uses a Class D power amplifier module, a reliable and efficient R-SMPS stabilized power supply system, which has extremely high efficiency and controllability, and also has extremely high power density, which can adjust the current waveform according to the AC voltage waveform. Wide voltage operation, adapt to the global scope, can carry higher power.

Features of all K4 series digital power amplifier:
1. Use Class D power amplifier module. Unique peak clipping limiter and ripple reduction. 
2. The perfect protection system effectively reduces the losses caused by improper use. 
3. The perfect circuit design makes the bass strong and powerful, and the mid and high frequencies are transparent and clear.
4. 1U design, its light weight and very small space occupation rate.
5. It is widely used in large and medium-sized bars, banquet halls, and outdoor performances.
Now we also have few client feedback about the 4 channels digital amplifier K4-800 feedback.

In addition, there is a new dsp power amplifier on sale recently, the model name is LA12X.
The LA12X (4 channel 1850W at 8 ohms) is Sinbosen's new series of DSP power amplifiers, and the same series also has the LA8 (4 channel 1450W at 8 ohms).
The following is their Dsp software interface, the operation is simple and convenient!

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