Mexican customers used 8 Sinbosen FP power amplifiers in large-scale events
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Mexican customers used 8 Sinbosen FP power amplifiers in large-scale events.

Last week, Sinbosen received feedback from a Mexican customer. The customer used 8 power amplifiers, the models are FP10000Q power amplifier and FP20000Q power amplifier. Customers used for a large-scale event.

The customer sent his "super equipment" before the event. I can feel the joy and excitement he felt before the event.

After the event, he once again sent the scene of his event. Great equipment, great performances and great event effects.

He said:  Para mi son excelentes tus productos. (Your product are excellent for me.)

Let's take a look at his event site now. It's a very lively event. Watching the video, I can feel the lively atmosphere of the scene.

This is not the first feedback from customers. Before that, we also received feedback from customers many times. This is a customer from Mexico who has worked with Sinbosen for about 5 years. Is a very professional customer who loves this industry very much. He likes Sinbosen's amplifier products very much. During Sinbosen's cooperation with him, he bought nearly 63 power amplifiers.

We look forward to every cooperation of customers and every stage of our customers. Please also look forward to every progress of Sinbosen. Next, we will continue to cooperate. Advance together in this passionate and loving industry.
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